About Michelle

Public Speaker & Performance Coach

Hi, I’m Michelle L Steffes.  I’m a certified coach, public speaker, performance consultant and leadership trainer with an insightful and relentless love for neural science and physiology in relationship to human potential. Most people know me because I am quite honest about how each of us hold the power to create our own culture and destiny based on daily habits, routines and mindsets. My job as a certified coach has become my lifestyle and my lifestyle, my job. Interestingly, I find that helping people and organizations win, is more fun than it is work! On a personal note, I love to bicycle, kayak and ride motorcycle on occasion, life is good!

I make it a daily habit to study the brain science of what makes people successful or unsuccessful and incorporate that knowledge into all of my materials whether I am training a team, coaching an individual or speaking in front of a large audience.  With each client, I target and customize specific content to teach skills but I also provide for them the keys to real transformation at both personal and professional levels creating lasting results.

I have found that after 25 years of leading people and teams that it is only by empowering others to WIN in business AND life, that real change can happen both for them and those they touch. I have been featured in multiple publications such as West Michigan Woman, Groups Magazine, National Afterschool Association and more. Additionally, I have been the featured keynote speaker and workshop facilitator nationally and locally at Conferences for the International Institute of Municipal Clerks, The Michigan Society of Association Executives, The Physicians Organization of West Michigan and multiple others.

My Mission

At the core of my work are 3 simple, but powerful questions: Can we alter how we perceive ourselves, our challenges and our potential? Can we change how others perceive us? If so, can we create a new world or culture in the sphere of those we influence?

The first way I try to answer that question is to take the complex and make it simple to understand. What creates a “mindset” and how are our mindsets helping or hindering our potential? What common misconceptions do we have about stress, challenges, resilience, adaptability and change? What are the keys to creating performance results that stick?

The second way I try to answer that question is to apply these insights to everyday routines or habits. What are the most practical ways to turn scientific principles into tangible results? How can we pinpoint the destructive mindsets that prohibit our success in any area of growth and alter these mindsets? How can we become the creator of our habits and destiny rather than falling victim to our circumstances?

My goal with each client is that the solutions and information I offer you and/or your organization will save you time, transform your productivity and help you design a plan of action that aligns with your vision, ultimately changing your culture and your destiny.

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Being a certified coach, I am truly honored and blessed to have had the opportunity to work with so many people in multiple industries to achieve their goals and reap the benefits of healthy mindsets. My clients have included men and women, bankers and physicians, CEOs and entrepreneurs, teachers and municipal clerks, leaders and teammates, and many others who aspire to discover the practicality and benefits of real changes in their performance and their culture.

Ready to learn more? Just fill out the “Contact Us” form and find out how you can make a difference in your own world and the world around you!

Client Experiences

“Our evaluations proved she was the most popular speaker at our 2 day Summit so we have invited her back next year.” – Stephanie Wohlfert, CMP, CTA

“Michelle was an amazing speaker for the Region V IIMC Meeting in Grand Rapids, MI. Over 70 City/Township municipal clerks from 5 states attended and all gave her rave reviews.” – Sarah Bydalek, Walker Township

“She spoke at a training of 45 of our leaders. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Michelle was specifically mentioned as the best part of the training program. “ – Thomas Lynema, MBA, MS

“No matter how many times I hear you speak, I always learn something to move me forward. Thanks again!” – Ellen Seese, Disability Advocates of Kent County

“I have attended her seminars and I have been a part of her group coaching classes. She is inspiring and incredibly knowledgeable.” – Bobbi Hines, Alles Law

“I was very pleased to host her for our area wide manager meeting. . .Her presentation is not only motivational but also inspirational. She quickly builds a rapport with her attendees. . .” – Grace Calderon, POWM

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