Group Coaching with EQUIP

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Group Coaching with EQUIP:

Empowered Quest for Unique & Innovative

EQUIP is offered in three ways:

(based on available openings or by contract)


EQUIP is offered periodically in locations throughout

The Greater Grand Rapids Area. Sessions are held

Two times per month – Contact IPV for Openings


Customized training per contract

EQUIP is a dynamic team builder for your organization! Facilitated, highly interactive and customized to your targeted corporate goals. Contact IPV for Information


Live Interactive Webinar Sessions 

3 Sessions or 6 Sessions – Contact IPV for openings


  • #1 – Emotional Intelligence
  • #2 – Resilience & Effective Communication Under Pressure
  • #3 – Assertiveness vs Aggressiveness vs Passivity
  • #4 – Mastering Your Energy for Success
  • #5 – The Power of Focus & Time Management
  • #6 – Becoming Highly Influential


  • #7 – Establishing a Healthy Work/Life Balance
  • #8 – The Body Language Connection
  • #9 – Social Intelligence – Authenticity WINS!
  • #10 – Fourteen Unique Productivity Hacks
  • #11 – Developing a Legacy Mindset
  • #12 – Empowering People & Teams

Each Session Includes:

Contact IPV Consulting for more information!


Get the answers you need to succeed without risking the bank!

Contact IPV Consulting for Questions or Details.

EQUIP WORKS! See what others are saying….

“Through Michelle’s Equip group, I have seen a dramatic positive change in how I view myself and the world. Rather than just giving empathy for your difficulties in personal or business life, she teaches you how to solve these problems with well researched and achievable solutions that can be applied to a myriad of situations. She is a phenomenal speaker and teacher. I highly recommend her and her courses to anyone looking to know how to achieve success and take control of your own life.” – Rob Rice, CEO, RRI

I have worked with Michelle on both professional and personal matters. I can say with extreme gratitude that Michelle has been instrumental in my most recent accomplishments. Her skills are above bar; her instruction is engaging; her knowledge is wide-ranging, offering a wealth of information used to build one’s self growth; and her compassion is contagious. Finding and hiring Michelle has been nothing short of a blessing in my life. I can’t thank her enough. I highly recommend meeting with Michelle to see how she can teach you how to better yourself and your career!!” – Bobbi Hines, Alles Law


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