Leadership Coaching

Management Consulting & Leadership Coaching Services

Our focus is on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities, including:

  1. Employee engagement surveys
  2. Vision centered consulting and impartation
  3. Management analysis
  4. Training program refinement
  5. Organization and operation consulting and refinement
  6. Transformational leadership coaching – In person and virtually
  7. Customized and Innovative incentives, initiatives and program development
  8. Onsite interactive, collaborative team training

IPV will bring deep, functional expertise, but are known for our holistic perspective utilizing methods in neuroscience and human physiology along with intrinsic methods which create effective lasting change. We capture value across boundaries and between the silos of any organization. IPV is interested in the welfare of both the organization as well as the health of each individual in order to capitalize on high performance throughout.

IPV coaches work with career individuals as well as senior and mid-level executives, managers and business professionals at all levels of leadership.

What Our Clients are Saying:

Eric Blair, State Farm Agent
I highly recommend Michelle. Her consulting really helped my business to grow and motivated my team. She really helped everyone align with the same goals and execute a strategic plan. Give her a call for a free consultation if you think your business can use some change.

Kelly Haasberger, Grand Rapids Natural Health
I started working with Michelle Steffes in a time of much growth in my company. I was bringing in a lot of new employees and it was very difficult to keep track of not only everything I needed to be sure my company and my employees were protected, but also to be sure that I had an environment in which my employees enjoyed working and that they were motivated to be a part of our quickly growing team. Michelle was truly the perfect person at the perfect time. She helped me organize what I needed for all the above and more! Michelle has wonderful tools to help employers to build a united and excited team. I am so grateful for all she has done for me and I know my business will forever be impacted by her expertise and knowledge!

Esther Brummel, EMB Image Studios
“Your suggestions are always right on and to the point. IPV Consulting and EMB Image Studio started working together in January of 2015. Michelle’s leadership coaching has improved my leadership skills, giving me direction and confidence…Staff Incentives have become a huge benefit for the staff and leadership. EMB Incentives include individuals who go the extra mile, daily team goals, weekly and monthly individual goals, six and twelve month proficiency ratings. Every month at our meeting we have a birthday and celebration luncheon.

Michelle reinforced my vision for the salon, improved employee productivity and achieved interactive engagement between leadership and staff. The IPV Consulting Tool Kit contains all the information needed for team building, incentives, visions and goals. My complete format for success! Michelle cares about people, will always be truthful and work diligently to ensure your business strategies are successful.”

The Coaching Process

Our process is designed to partner with you in adopting the strategies necessary to obtain significant and lasting results. IPV empowers the client to focus on existing strengths and capabilities while identifying gaps or challenges.

The consulting process recognizes and delivers highly flexible and unique methods that work collaboratively with the client. A customized approach is essential to the adoption and execution of every initiative. Our focus will be on the vision and goals of your company utilizing a leadership coaching style as a powerful and effective development tool to facilitate solutions that transform

The process of consulting is outlined below:

  1. Enrolling & building a relationship with the client/company
  2. Assessment and feedback – Employee survey recommended
  3. Development of proposed initiatives and timeline
  4. Leadership Coaching/Consulting process
  5. Creation and Installation of agreed programs and initiatives
  6. Refinement and training
  7. Transfer of editable documents created
  8. Finalization
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