Michelle Steffes: Professional Speaker

Invest In A Professional Speaker

IPV Consulting understands that when selecting a professional speaker for your event, whether small or large, the ability to connect with and engage an audience is the foundation to the retention of information shared. And that should be the essence of an effective conference speaker. In addition to the experience of providing over 800 career presentations, the topics IPV specializes in at present are hot button concerns that affect all industries across the board.

Current Speaking Topics Available:
  • Empowering Leadership
  • Avoiding Burnout
  • The Brain Science for Greatness
  • Vision & The Keys to Team BUY IN
  • Blueprint to Customer Service Excellence

Each topic is researched carefully and tailored to tie into the vision of your organization. The approach is with personal stories and examples from over 25 years of leadership and business building along with statistics that will motivate and inspire the audience.  Attendees can expect to take away duplicate-able steps they can apply immediately and a renewed passion for what they can accomplish. IPV believes being as professional speaker entails enabling audience members to bring home several takeaways.

Types of Speaking Engagements IPV is Open To:
  • Paid Keynote or Corporate talks ranging from 20 minutes to 2 hours
  • Pro-bono Talks for opportunities deemed potentially rich in ROI – determined case by case.

What Are Clients Are Saying:

Grace Cormany
Operations Specialist at POWM Physicians Organization of Western Michigan
Michelle is a wonderful motivational speaker. I was very pleased to host her for our area wide manager meeting. Her presentation on Avoiding Burnout is very engaging and touched on some essential points to understanding the physiological and internal impact of constant/chronic stress. Her presentation is not only motivational but also inspirational. She quickly builds a rapport with her attendees and uses this connection to make the absolute most of her time with them. I would highly recommend working with Michelle in any capacity, whether it is for a quick office recharge or the need to change the company culture to build a happier, stronger, and a higher achieving workplace. Michelle is professional, knowledgeable, and pleasure to work with.

Stephanie Wohlfert, CMP, CTA
Meeting Coordinator at Michigan Society of Association Executives
The Michigan Society of Association Executives was fortunate enough to have Michelle come speak at our CMP Summit this past October. She kicked off our program with the topic “Avoiding Burnout”. Our attendees enjoyed her creative and humorous approach to helping relieve stress in the workplace and they walked away with ways to manage their time more effectively and maintain a healthy state of mind. Our evaluations proved she was the most popular speaker at our 2 day Summit so we have invited her back next year, too!

Equipment & Room Set-Up Specifications

Please provide ample space for number of attendees to be seated at tables or classroom style comfortably in a room temperature of between 70-74 degrees. Front of room or platform must be well lit to ensure speaker can be seen clearly.

Typically Requested Event Items
  • Podium for Notes
  • Lapel or Handheld Microphone (Lapel preferred)
  • Projector (HD capable) and Screen located above speaker or to the side of speaker at front of room (not behind speaker)
  • Handouts: IPV requests the right to offer handouts to attendees with the inclusion of a short survey at the end of presentation.

Please contact IPV Consulting prior to signing contract if any of the above items are not accessible or allowable.

Speakers Fee

Client shall pay to Speaker a deposit of 50 percent of fees no later than 90 days before the event date. If the event is cancelled by the Client, part of the deposit may be refunded according to the following Refund Schedule:

  • Less than 30 days’ notice: 0 (zero) percent of deposit
  • 31 to 60 days’ notice: 50 percent
  • 61 or more days’ notice: 75 percent

Client shall pay to Speaker the balance of the Speaker’s fee, immediately following the conclusion of the Speaker’s presentation.


The Client shall arrange and pre-pay for business-class, round trip airline tickets from the GRR – Kent County Airport to the venue’s airport ________________ for the Speaker and 1 (one) Speaker’s assistant; ground transportation for the Speaker and assistant between the venue’s airport and the Speaker’s hotel; dual-occupancy hotel accommodations for the Speaker and assistant from noon on the day before the event until noon on the day the event ends; meals for Speaker and assistant for which receipts are provided; and all other reasonable, documented expenses necessary to the Speaker’s conduct of the presentation during the time period of the event.

For events located beyond 30 miles of Speaker’s mailing address: Payment of $ .83 per mile shall be reimbursed to Speaker on day of event. Mileage determined by Google Maps.

The Speaker shall submit receipts and an itemized invoice for expenses to the Client within 7 (seven) days of the event’s end date. The Client shall reimburse the Speaker with 30 (thirty) days of receiving receipts and invoice.

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