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10 Success Tips to Avoid Burnout & Release your Greatness!

10 Success Tips to Avoid Burnout & Release your Greatness!

VIDEO – 3 Quick Tips to Avoiding Burnout

Author: Michelle L Steffes, CPLC

All of us are born with greatness. The key to maximizing your potential will be determined by the level of commitment we make to ourselves and to our growth.

The definition of Greatness is Superior in quality or character. This speaks more of “Who we are” than of “What we do.” Although both are intrinsically related. What we do affects who we are and who we are affects what we do.  This leads to the questions, “Can we change who we are?” “What if we could alter how we see ourselves or how others perceive us?” Would that open the door to new opportunities and new connections in or lives, creating new platforms for success? The answer is “Yes.”

Yet, changing our physiology and state of mind is a process of cause and effect through many means of influence on a long term, consistent basis. Even though this process is quite doable, only 3% of the population will succeed at accomplishing their dreams and goals.

If you are willing to commit to your personal growth, below are ten tips to the beginning of your new journey to greatness:

  1. MAINTAIN OPTIMUM PHYSICAL HEALTH – when you take care of your body and, your potential immediately begins to expand.
  2. RETRAIN YOUR BRAIN – Your subconscious is 3,000 times more powerful than your conscious and constitutes 90% of your being. Feed it daily with the things that will propel you into your dreams.
  3. WRITTEN GOALS – Writing your goals out increases your odds by 1,000% yet only 3% of the population will take the time to do this.

LIST 10-20 THINGS YOU WANT TO ACCOMPLISH –  Then prioritize them and begin with the one goal that will impact you the most. Evaluate with each one…

    1. Who you need to connect with
    2. What skills or education you may need
    3. What resources or financial investment
    4. What obstacles may get in the way.


  1. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOU – Brush the dust off, learn from the past, forgive yourself and others. Determine to dig both heals in and make it happen. Consider a mentor or coach to keep you on task and assist you along your journey.
  2. TIME BLOCKING – Create weekly and daily lists, then block out times on your calendar to work on each without fail.
  3. RISK TAKING – Will take you to the next level and the next level. “If you are too comfortable, you are not growing!” – Michelle Steffes
  4. BREED SUCCESS! – Tony Robbins stated “Progress = Happiness.” Create opportunities for your success every day, small or large, it will work to increase your confidence and breed more success!
  5. TEND TO SEEDS, NOT WEEDS –  Statistically, we have approximately 60,000 thoughts per day. Commit to altering your bad thoughts into good thoughts through the practice of feeding your mind on things that contribute to your growth. Speak it, Listen to it, Read it!
  6. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF & IGNORE THE CRITICS  – You cannot expect to succeed if you spend all of your time thinking about and comparing yourself to others. Stay on your own journey and do whatever it takes to keep moving forward.
  7. STAY PERSISTENT & NEVER GIVE UP! – No matter what ups and downs you will encounter, resolve to stay in it until your WIN!
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