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Heart Centered Leadership Podcast: Episode 2 with Ben Wood

Human achievement expert Michelle Steffes of IPV Consulting and host of the Reframe and Rewire podcast is back with the second episode of the Heart Centered Leadership series! Join guest Ben Wood of The Right Place as he discusses with Michelle what it takes to be a successful leader in the digital age, and how feeling appreciated at work can

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Heart Centered Leadership Podcast: Episode 1 with Mandi Brower

NEW SERIES: Heart Centered Leadership INTERVIEW #1 of 6 – Mandi Brower Human achievement expert Michelle Steffes of IPV Consulting and host of the Reframe and Rewire podcast is back with the first episode of the new Heart Centered Leadership podcast series! Join guest Mandi Brower, president of Quality Car Wash, owner of Tommy’s Express® Car Wash, and Tim Hortons,

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Michelle L. Steffes Interviewed on Life!Line with Craig Roberts

Hear Michelle Speak About Gratitude on Life!Line with Craig Roberts Michelle L. Steffes of IPV Consulting appeared on Life!Line with Craig Roberts over the Thanksgiving holiday to discuss the importance of having an “Attitude of Gratitude.” Listen in as she talks about the positive effects of practicing gratitude in your everyday life, extending across your emotional, mental, and physical health.

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Harness the Power of Heart-Centered Leadership Training to Transform Your Company Culture

In the realm of leadership, there’s a transformative approach that’s gaining momentum – heart-centered leadership. This leadership style goes beyond the traditional focus on metrics and results, placing emphasis on compassion, empathy, and genuine connection. As organizations increasingly recognize the importance of nurturing a positive workplace culture, heart-centered leadership emerges as a powerful strategy for driving success while prioritizing the

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5 Reasons to Align Vision Among Leadership and Employees – And How to Get Started!

Is your team ready for an “alignment check” in 2024 on the road to meeting your company’s goals? In any organization, aligning the vision among leadership and employees is crucial for achieving long-term success. When leaders and employees share a common vision, it fosters unity, promotes collaboration, and drives productivity. In fact, studies show that highly aligned organizations grow revenue

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How To Create Psychological Safety in the Workplace

Is your workplace “psychologically safe”? What role does psychological safety play in today’s competitive business landscape? Creating a positive work environment has become a top priority for organizations seeking to attract and retain top talent. One crucial aspect of a healthy workplace culture is psychological safety. This concept has gained significant attention in recent years due to its profound impact

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The Power of Gratitude In The Workplace: Enhancing Workplace Wellness and Performance

In the fast-paced and competitive world of business, creating a corporate culture that promotes an ‘attitude of gratitude’ might seem like a soft or optional initiative. However, research shows that a culture of gratitude can have a profound impact on an organization’s success, as well as on the well-being of its employees. Let’s explore the following benefits and methods of

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Transforming Toxic Work Environments into Mentally Healthy Work Cultures: The Power of Heart-Centered Leadership and Employee-Centric Strategies

In today’s fast-paced and demanding work environments, the mental health of employees has become a critical concern. A toxic work environment can lead to burnout, high turnover rates, and reduced overall productivity. However, forward-thinking organizations have started to recognize the importance of cultivating a mentally healthy culture through heart-centered leadership and employee-centric strategies. This transformation not only boosts employee engagement

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Investing in Leadership Training and Employee Performance Coaching: A Strategic Imperative for 2024

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, organizations are constantly seeking ways to gain a competitive edge. While cutting-edge technology and innovative products are undoubtedly important, one often overlooked but immensely valuable asset is an organization’s people. Investing in leadership training and employee performance coaching in 2024 is not just a wise choice; it’s a strategic imperative. There is a compelling case

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Corporate Leadership and Resiliency Training – Expense or Investment?

Corporate leadership training and resiliency training have become essential components of modern organizations seeking to foster a culture of continuous growth, adaptability, and profitability. But how do you measure effectiveness? What kind of return-on-investment can you expect? At IPV Consulting, we can help you ensure that your training budgets are an investment – not an expense! While measurement is unique

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