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A Tale of Two Clients – How Bad Do You Want To Win?

How serious are you about reaching your goals? What “proof” do you have that you are? What does your Daily Routine look like? What practices do you stay consistent with that push your forward? How BIG Is your Vision?

Having coached multiple different individuals for years, I find there are really only two types of clients:

  1. The first client is one who wants to reach his/her goals and, from the very beginning, they resolve to keep pushing themselves and continue to obtain results long after. They continue to make whatever changes they MUST make in order to reach those goals. They will work to re-wire their brains, altering their routine and disciplining themselves despite how they feel or how busy they become. These clients will experience multiple small successes which lead to bigger successes. “Settling” is NOT an option for them. Tony Robbins states, “We will never do our ‘shoulds’ but we will always do our ‘musts.”
  2. The second client is one who starts out the exact same way as #1, even re-wiring their brains and changing their routine. But, after the first several weeks of making major changes, they let down their “guard” and soon begin to lose momentum. They reason with themselves that it is too hard, or they are too busy or they blame others. Soon, they forget how much success they were able to achieve by staying disciplined and focused in the beginning by creating a new routine. They are truly transformed in their perceptions and succeeding in many ways. However in other ways they are “settling” for less than their best, thus extending their success journey and slowing down their progress.

Both types achieve growth and both types are changed forever! However, the results and quality of life are significantly different:

Client #1 will inevitable see success happen much faster and will experience much more joy along the way. This is because of the progress they are creating DAILY. By their consistent success, they will produce more joy and more joy will produce more success!

“Progress equals Happiness” – Tony Robbins

Client #2 will see some goals fulfilled and others not fulfilled, they will be up and down in their emotional state and their progress will be slowed. They will still find success at times and joy when they do what they have re-wired their brains to do. But, because of their inconsistency in discipline and resilience, they occasionally find themselves taking two steps forward and one back along the way.

What is the difference in these two? One thing…YOU are the only determining factor to your success! No amount of education, encouragement, resources or accountability can take the place of YOUR DAILY DECISION to do whatever it takes to reach your dreams! Ask Olympic Champions, Ask Sports Stars, Ask those who have done it against ALL odds.

Enjoy this great YouTube Video (below) of a compilation from the “Greats” of our time who learned this principle early on and many of them started with NOTHING! Be inspired and get beyond your “comfort zone!”

REPROGRAM YOUR MIND – 2017 Motivational Compilation – 39.17min

“Most everything that you want is just outside your comfort zone.”

― Jack Canfield

“We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment. ”

― Jim Rohn

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