Altering Self-Defeating Mindsets: The Subconscious

Excerpt from Chapter 3 of “Your Journey to GREATNESS Through Routine”: A Deeper Look at the Subconscious Mind Our subconscious is the entire infrastructure of neural networks which we have created since birth. With each new network, our perceptions and behaviors are affected. Some of the deepest and most influential networks in our minds are developed […]

7 Keys to Master Resilience – Overcoming Offenses & Challenges

The definition of Resilience is “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.” (According to This fact in itself makes resilience near the top of the chart when it comes to success whether in life or career. It is never the problems or struggles we deal with which are holding us back from arising […]

How Do We Turn On the Switch to High Performance

Influential leadership and high performance results from the efforts we make consistently to empower those we influence as well as ourselves as leaders. Gallup Poll reports there are 6 Benefits to a Highly Engaged and Empowered Atmosphere:  37% Higher Retention 37% Better Attendance 48% Improved Safety 41% Higher Accuracy 21% Increased Productivity  22% More Profitability […]

The Brain Science Behind Habits

Published on January 5, 2017 Your subconscious mind constitutes 90% of your daily decisions, actions, feelings, and beliefs. It is 30,000 times more powerful than your conscious mind. Over the course of your lifetime, many ideas, thoughts, beliefs and skills have entered into your mind creating neural pathways. Each pathway forms in approximately 21-30 days. Electrical […]

Live Intentionally and Leave a Legacy

Published on November 14, 2016 Do your professional and personal habits or choices agree with the Legacy you want to become? Each of us has 1,440 minutes in a day. What if every moment was worth a valuable gold coin? What if the whole of your worth was summed up in how well you’ve invested each […]