Chapter 4 Excerpt: “Your Journey to Greatness Through Routine”

The “garden of your mind” must never be left unattended. No matter how healthy the garden may seem, there will always be opportunities to allow weeds and thorns to creep in and bring destruction. When this happens, you can experience everything from poor health to depression and emotional upheaval affecting your career, relationships, well-being and […]

The 12 Stages of Burnout

8 in 10 Working Americans are stressed today according to The American Institute of Stress (AIS) which is up over 10% in just one year! Furthermore the same survey indicates 26% stated they were “often or very often burned out or stressed by their work.” With increased demands, less staff and tight schedules, we are all at risk. […]

A Tale of Two Clients – How Bad Do You Want To Win?

How serious are you about reaching your goals? What “proof” do you have that you are? What does your Daily Routine look like? What practices do you stay consistent with that push your forward? How BIG Is your Vision? Having coached multiple different individuals for years, I find there are really only two types of clients: The first client […]

5 Steps to Unity and Stronger Teams 

Author: Michelle L Steffes, CPLC Learn how to destroy the barriers that turn coworkers into competitors. This document will offer simple steps that will create a new atmosphere within the workplace tearing down silos, turf wars and politics to produce a “safe place” for positive morale to breed. Note: changing a culture is not an […]

Ten Keys to Impart Vision & Create Team Loyalty 

A recent study was done on 50,000 employees to discover the association of vision and how it affects employee performance and engagement. Statistically, where the vision was not inspiring or it was not made clear, employees showed average engagement scores of only 16 percent. Furthermore, this study, conducted by Forbes, showed that where there was […]

What is Zapping Your Energy? 

The New York Times stated in 2013, “sleep deprivation costs American companies $63.2 billion a year in lost productivity.” Furthermore, Harvard Business Review stated, “Food has a direct impact on our cognitive performance…” We all know sleep and food can zap our energy levels but what else may be the culprit? Energy zappers are bad […]

7 Tips to Help You Connect and Engage Your Audience as a Speaker

Successful Public Speaking can increase your business by 300% and is well worth the time and effort it takes to improve. Below are just a few important tips to help you hone your skills and achieve the audience response you desire: 1. THE COMPONENTS OF YOUR TALK a. The introduction: You have 30-60 seconds to […]

Goal Setting Worksheet

Goal Setting for Success Download PDF file or copy and paste from below. Goal Setting Worksheet PDF STEP 1 – List 10 things you want to achieve both personally and professionally (print this page every 6 months, re-examine and re-write your goals) STEP 2 – Prioritize these goals in the order that will impact your life […]

Extraordinary vs. Ordinary – Which are you?

If someone offered you $1,000,000 to alter 3 non-productive habits in 3 months, would you do it? Each venture to success begins with the purest of good intentions coupled with dynamic concepts. These concepts, many times, contain genuine potential to launch them to the top.  Today’s inventory of those who aspire to become wildly successful […]