6 Ways to Sabotage Your Leaders and Your Team

  Published May 2014 by Michelle Steffes       What if your team supported your vision, your ideals and the excellence you desire for your organization? What if they had an unstoppable sense of ownership, loyalty and passion to expand your business? When we invest in hiring, training and empowering people, we can only […]

10 Keys to Maximize Your Potential

  Published 2014 by Michelle Steffes   Finding your way to success may or may not mean becoming a millionaire to you.  In the process of growing my own career, I have been studying both millionaires and the everyday West Michigan entrepreneur.  I have discovered there are critical changes you can make in your every […]

Building People – Building Teams in West Michigan

  Published 2014 by Michelle Steffes Is West Michigan, and more specifically, Grand Rapids a great place to work? I posed this question to Google and was intrigued by the answer that came in the form of many articles and ratings.  I immediately spotted many West Michigan household names of employers such as Amway, Meijer, […]

Workplace Trends in 2014

  2014 by Michelle Steffes Despite the argument that we have become a socially inept society with all the tech trends, social media and device centered relationships, the methods that work best to install, train, motivate and produce results in our teams have not changed. What has changed is the use of devices and methods […]

Building Relationships: Iron Sharpens Iron

  Published in 2014 by Michelle Steffes “I had many mentors and they didn’t know it.” – Maggie Wilderotter, CEO of Frontier Communications. Many of us partake in this philosophy without realizing it and in the same token, fail to recognize the power of associations.   A common practice I do quarterly is to go through my […]

Face Off – Encounters of the Best Kind

  Published in 2013 by Michelle Steffes Recently, I received an email notice threatening to turn me in to the authorities in eight days. The demanding request was for a submission of $300 owed immediately to cover the cost to transmit funds of money I possessed in international accounts holding. According to the note, I […]

Breeding Excellence – Pennies, Old & New

  Published in 2013 by Michelle Steffes I was feeling the pinch of an overbooked schedule as I walked into the Grand Rapids Coffee Shop overlooking a busy suburb on a warm Tuesday morning. I began looking around for my client but with no success. It was not unusual to hear the voice of the attendant behind […]

Branding “YOU” – Peanuts and Lemonade

  Published 2013 by Michelle Steffes Some time ago, in my travels, I met someone who was obviously very knowledgeable in his field and widely recognized. His rapport online was impeccable and his professionalism in communications was highly intellectual. I was so excited and impressed to meet him and was not disappointed in the face to face […]

Integrity & Ethics are Marketable Commodities

Published 2013 by Michelle Steffes As you walk into a networking group, you scan the room to look for someone you know to reconnect and make a goal to meet at least 2 or 3 you do not know in an effort to expand your network. In so doing, you exchange words and business cards. […]

Be a Student of your Customer

Learning your customer and meeting the needs you discovered they have is a critical key to gaining a client. Attached is a very informative and creative article on ways you can do this successfully. Informative Online Article