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Extraordinary vs. Ordinary – Which are you?


If someone offered you $1,000,000 to alter 3 non-productive habits in 3 months, would you do it?

Each venture to success begins with the purest of good intentions coupled with dynamic concepts. These concepts, many times, contain genuine potential to launch them to the top.  Today’s inventory of those who aspire to become wildly successful in their career is never in short supply regardless of endeavor or industry.

So why do so few reach the destination that seemed so reachable when it was birthed in their hearts? To answer this, let’s look at a short list of attributes that compare the Extraordinary to the Ordinary:



…dream BIG! They write out their goals broken down. They have SPECIFIC steps and deadlines to follow.   

…are continual LEARNERS!

They constantly seek to grow and increase their knowledge. They listen to audios and read books to grow and expand their knowledge DAILY.

…adopt strong work ETHICS & INTEGRITY. They take full responsibility for their own success or failure. They strive to be honest, respect others deeply and build trust through integrity.


… waffle in what they believe they can achieve and write only vague goals with few deadlines

…attend a few seminars and webinars. They might read a book or two when they can but they are usually too busy.

…are willing to accept the popular belief that it is a dog eat dog world and they must fight and scratch their way to the top.  They will often make excuses or blame others for their lot in life or lack of success.

The human will is extremely powerful but also pliable and mold-able. We can teach ourselves new habits and reteach ourselves to refrain from non-productive habits by choice. To a large degree, we carry the power within ourselves to alter our own destiny by what we train our brains to think, believe and accomplish.

However, like a muscle that never gets stretched, our brains are very similar. It is when we experience discomfort due to pushing ourselves into new levels of achievement that we can obtain the greatest growth.

In my career of building leaders, one of the most prominent obstacles that surface is the inability to get out of their own way.  This common human detriment tends to inhibit so many who are more than qualified to expand their careers in a big way.  What is not so common is the understanding that the battle often begins in their own minds more so than their circumstances.

It is up to you each day how you will spend your thoughts and activities. Begin today, implanting the three “Extraordinary” practices listed above into your daily routine with the attitude that there will be a reward at the end of three months. You may not end up with $1,000,000 that quickly. However, once these new habits are in place, you will possess the same qualities as almost all self-made millionaires.

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