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Vision and The Keys to Team “BUY IN”

The vast majority of communication issues and employee disengagement stems from teams who do not understand or embrace the vision of an organization. In comparison, a sports team without a solid, agreed upon game plan, cannot possibly win the game. Despite the talents and experience of the team, what transpires on the field would not be representative of the players’ true talents.

This is also the case with your employees. If they don’t know the game plan, they’re ability to work together on solutions with the same goal in mind are inhibited.

Discover how you can impart the purpose and goals of your organization into an impartible series of purposeful, structured events leading to staff and team ownership of Vision.

A few take-aways:

  • The Powerful Benefits of a Vision Focused Organization
  • Exposing the Fallicies of Assumption and Uncertainty
  • Developing a Plan to Impart Vision
  • Keeping Vision in Front of Your Team
  • Engaging Employees in Vision Ownership
  • Specific and Tangible Tools that will Motivate, Excite and Induce Results

Michelle will approach this topic with personal stories and examples from 25 years of leadership along with statistics that will motivate and inspire the audience. The message will contain duplicate-able steps they can take with them to change their work environment.  Finally, the result, if applied will be unity, higher productivity, less turnover and excellent team morale.

What others are saying:

“Michelle gave an excellent presentation to our Holland-GRAPE audience recently. Not only was her pace and timing superb, but her stories were inspiring and her advice highly valuable. I heartily recommend Michelle Steffes to anyone seeking a speaker who knows how to provide individual empowerment and team-building.”

John M Potter – Executive Director, Grand Rapids Area Professionals for Excellence (GRAPE)

“Michelle Steffes is by far the most engaging and inspiring speaker I’ve had the pleasure to see. Her team building skills are exceptional. You’ll be lucky to get her autograph in a couple of years. I highly recommend getting to know her now. She will leave you in awe of the improvements to your team…their efficiency and productivity, their new and improved attitudes, their changed lives. Michelle is a leader of leaders, with the tenacity to help any enterprise overcome an ocean of challenges. Her ability to effectively unify teams and advance an organization’s vision will ultimately impact the bottom line.”

Laura Lyons – Vocal Trainer, SInger

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