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Reframe and Rewire: Greatness Through Daily Routine

#1 Amazon New Release - Reframe & Rewire: Greatness Through Daily Routine Work Bundle by Michelle L. Steffes, corporate performance coach

Guide & Companion Workbook to Create a SUCCESS ROUTINE

Amazon #1 New Release!

An indepth, step-by-step study guide on the science of habits. This book contains insights, tools and inspiration to equip you in building a routine that will empower every aspect of your life. Pages filled with compelling statistics, case studies and elements of neuroscience and human physiology. You will discover irrefutable science-backed evidence that, when applied, will transform your state of mind, ultimately giving you total control of your life, career and destiny.

Through small, daily changes utilizing this interactive journey, you will discover new methods of thinking and living that will revolutionize your world and propel you to GREATNESS! The book includes:

+ Workbook with the Formula for Success!

Meet Michelle L. Steffes

Keynote speaker, corporate trainer, and transformation coach Michelle L. Steffes shares her journey and expertise from 25 years of leadership and 10,0000 hours of study in the sciences of human behavior. She has created a formula for developing high-performing individuals, leaders, and teams. Michelle is the CEO/Founder of IPV Consulting.

What They're Saying...

“Reframe and Rewire provides a blueprint to change your thinking and your life. An important book – now more than ever!”
– Tony Rubleski, bestselling Author, mindcapturegroup.com

“Reframe and Rewire integrates the psychology of success with underlying neuroscience. Need a roadmap to transformation? This is your next book.”
– Steve Adams, CEO, Tiger Performance Institute

“Reframe and Rewire presents excellent strategies for life and is written for anyone desiring to create positive, long-lasting change.”
–  Shelly Beach, multiple award-winning author, speaker and consultant

Michelle L. Steffes - Author, Coach, Speaker, Trainer
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