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Resilience in Times of Change

Resilience is one of the most important factors in success, relationships and challenges. Recent statistics show that 80% of working America is stressed leading to multiple issues such as retention, turf wars, silos and multiple health issues, all leading to inferior performance and a lower standard of life.

You will be inspired and motivated with this insightful topic! You will learn how to develop resilience through an understanding of Neuroscience and Physiology accompanied by stories, analogies, statistics and examples from 25 years of leadership and team building.

You will discover why developing resilience is so critical during times of change. You will walk away with multiple and very specific applications that will transform how you process challenges in the midst of uncertainty and change.  Both leaders and team members will feel empowered to diffuse stressful situations and feel more equipped to control their own stress response intrinsically and extrinsically.

A few take-aways:

  • Understanding Extrinsic vs Intrinsic Resilience Factors
  • The Physiology behind Stress and How it Inhibits our Ability to Cope & Communicate Effectively
  • The Secret Weapon and Key to Connecting with Others and Diffusing Stressful Confrontation
  • Retraining your Brain: Small Changes which create BIG Results!
  • The Circle of Change and how to Cope in times of Challenge
  • Gestures and Actions that Produce Instant Results when Communicating Under Pressure
  • Mastering Communication and Powerful State of Mind in all Situations

What others are saying:

“Thank you Michelle Steffes for a great talk. Paul Seese and I attended your event on Empowering Leadership. No matter how many times I hear you speak I always learn something to move me forward. Thanks again!” – Ellen Seese  – Operations Manager, Disability Advocates of Kent County


“I have seen Michelle speak on several topics and have found her presentations to be entertaining, informative and very motivational. She is a humble servant/leader of high integrity that personifies and lives what she preaches.” Ronald RobbCEO at myTEAM TRIUMPH National


“Michelle is a wonderful motivational speaker. I was very pleased to host her for our area wide manager meeting. Her presentation is not only motivational but also inspirational. She quickly builds a rapport with her attendees and uses this connection to make the absolute most of her time with them. I would highly recommend working with Michelle in any capacity. Michelle is professional, knowledgeable, and pleasure to work with.  Grace CormanyOperations Specialist at POWM Physicians Organization of Western Michigan

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