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Mastering Energy, Focus & Time

Mastering Energy, Focus & Time

Do you feel like you never have enough energy or time and when you do, everything and everyone is competing for your focus?

If you could learn how to manage these three well, do think it might be a game-changer in what you could accomplish and how you show up?

You will walk away energized with new zeal with many out-of-the-box, but practical ways you can create small changes in your daily habits and in how you get things done. You will hear multiple science-based hacks and applications that will increase your energy and focus along with 7 Keys to managing time more effectively. 

You will discover simple techniques, routine changes and even dietary choices that can fuel your brain, increase your creativity and equip you to accomplish more tasks in less time at a higher level of productivity.  

Participants will be able to:

  • Avoid the Traps of Low Energy and Limited Focus
  • Alter Neurochemistry to Create a Shift in Energy & Clarity of Mind 
  • Master Powerful Mental Awareness
  • Achieve Immediate Results with 7 Practical Time Management Hacks
  • Feel Unstoppable with the Application of New Daily Practices

This program is perfect for:

  • Leaders and/or Managers
  • HR Professionals
  • Institutions or cultures where stress is high
  • Associations & Corporations

Format: 45-90 minute keynote or corporate meeting, 45-90 minute breakout or workshop. Also available as an extended topic for corporate training and retreats 

Virtually Presentation: Yes, this program can be delivered virtually.

Average Time: 60 to 90 minutes. Also available as an extended topic for corporate training and retreats 

What others have experienced:

“Michelle did a great job energizing our team and keeping them engaged throughout her time with two different groups. (City of Novi 2 Day Staff Training). Our team members really enjoyed the subject matter and the interactive nature of the activities that Michelle planned for them. I’d highly recommend her for a staff training for any organization or group.- Victor Cardenas – Asst. City Manager, City of Novi

“Michelle was an amazing speaker for the Region V IIMC Meeting in Grand Rapids, MI. Over 70 City/Township municipal clerks from 5 states attended and all gave her rave reviews. Her topics were Avoiding Burnout and Empowering Leadership. Both of which are critical to our daily and professional lives.” (Full Day Training Session) – Sarah Bydalek – City Clerk at City of Walker, MI

 “Michelle is a wonderful motivational speaker. I was very pleased to host her for our area wide manager meeting. Her presentation is not only motivational but also inspirational. She quickly builds a rapport with her attendees and uses this connection to make the absolute most of her time with them. I would highly recommend working with Michelle in any capacity. Michelle is professional, knowledgeable, and pleasure to work with.  Grace Cormany – Operations Specialist at POWM Physicians Organization of Western Michigan

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