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Peak performance

Managing a Powerful Mental & Emotional State

Do you sometimes wish you could manage your emotions more intelligently? (i.e. remaining calm under pressure, staying motivated, resisting offense or having more influence)

Creating a powerful mental and emotional state is a critical factor in today’s workforce with significant predictors of success in both team and individual performance.

During this impactful, engaging session, Michelle will reveal how to manage and conquer both inner and outer saboteurs that prevent mental agility and positive communication skills. You will be given immediate and practical applications using the 5 elements of Emotional Intelligence (Self-Awareness, Motivation, Self-Control, Empathy and Social Skills).

Michelle will also provide a unique understanding of how our emotional state can be transformed through rewiring the brain with simple changes made in small daily decisions, ultimately providing a clear road map to achieving high performance in your inner and outer life.


Participants will be able to:

  • Learn their score in Emotional Intelligence – (EQ) Emotional Quotient
  • Clearly Understand each of the 5 Elements of EI and how they affect their inner and outer life.
  • Identify their own Inhibiting Mindsets & Emotions
  • Learn how to Retrain the Brain through Small Changes that create BIG Results
  • Develop a Powerful State of Mind in all Situations

This program is perfect for:

  • Executives, Leaders and/or Managers
  • HR Professionals
  • Corporations & Associations
  • General Audience

Format: Keynote & Breakout, Virtual/ Remote Program – Also available as an extended interactive workshop or retreat.

Virtually Presentation: Yes, this program can be delivered virtually.

Average Time: 60 to 90 minutes. Also available as an extended, interactive workshop or retreat. (inquire for fees.)

What others have experienced:

“It was exciting to see comments that this was the best event yet!” – Gwyn Harnish, VP Marketing, United Bank

“What a great presentation Michelle! We had fun, learned a lot about ourselves and took away action steps to put into practice right away! “ – Lisa Banas, Senior VP, United Bank

“Michelle was an amazing speaker for the Region V IIMC Meeting in Grand Rapids, MI. Over 70 City/Township municipal clerks from 5 states attended and all gave her rave reviews.” – Sarah Bydalek, IIMC Clerk

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