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I’m often asked if I can create leadership training that results in real change.

I have had 25 years of leadership in corporate, as well as many years of training leaders and teams. In that time, I have found that if we can alter the perceptions of the leaders about themselves and about what it takes to truly empower their teams, we can experience real change.

It is imparting an incredible vision of shift in mindsets and perceptions that alters the ability to trust more, to work cohesively more, and to see the overall big picture from a different standpoint. Ultimately, utilizing the minds and hearts of everyone collaboratively to create the transformation.

When I walk into a training session, one of the first things that I share is that we are going to work on ways in which we can help you improve personally and professionally. I am a big believer that if you just train leadership skills or time management, it’s not enough.

We have to learn how to be more resilient, to have a stronger state of mind and to manage from our hearts instead of just our heads. That’s when it happens. Through neuropsychology and understanding of neuroplasticity, physiology, chemistry, and how emotions affect performance, we can transform leaders into a way that they can operate from their heart in a more effective manner.

PV Leadership Mastery Group Coaching is science-backed, solution-based, interactive training.
This 6 to 12 month course is a dynamic team builder for your organization!

Each training session includes world class content, interactive problem solving and multiple methods that keep attendees engaged throughout whether in-person or virtual.

Through these sessions, we will improve performance and engagement in your team to transform your corporate culture and accelerate productivity. Ultimately inspiring leaders and teams to achieve extraordinary results.

With over 10,000 hours of study in the science of human behavior and as the creator of the 5 in 5 Performance Coaching Program©, I utilize emotional intelligence, neuroscience & pattern disruption to transform lives and cultures.

My book, “Reframe & Rewire: Greatness Through Routine,” was the #1 Release on Amazon and has been a powerful tool in the hands of multiple teams throughout the nation.

I want to encourage you reach out and learn a bit more about what is possible for your team and read the reviews of others. (below are just a few)

Please reach out for a virtual coffee and a one hour free consultation. Or feel free to email me at michelle@ipvconsulting.com or Access My Calendar Here.

What a Few Others Are Saying:

Michelle and her team are a pleasure to work with. High energy, engaging, and very responsive. The IPV Group Leadership Mastery Training was a huge success for our team.
– Dan Geissbuhler, Area President, US Foods

The Gemini Media Sales team recently completed 12 monthly sessions with IPV Consulting on Emotional Intelligence. With Michelle’s direction the Gemini Media sales team was able to overcome challenges with corporate change both personally and professionally. I highly recommend her corporate training for teams of all sizes. Her monthly workshops are engaging and geared to every learning style. We absolutely enjoyed and looked forward to each month of training with Michelle.
– J. Maksimowski, Advertising Director, Gemini Media

Michelle is a top-notch professional. I highly recommend her for individual and group coaching.
– L. Wideman, CEO, Meals on Wheels

The first step toward an engaged, productive team is to schedule your FREE session with our coaches.

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