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IPV Consulting brings 20 years of leadership experience to the table. Well renowned for a holistic approach utilizing methods in neuroscience and human physiology along with intrinsic methods which create effective lasting change. 

We capture value across boundaries and between the silos of any organization. IPV is interested in the welfare of both the organization as well as the health of each individual in order to capitalize on high performance throughout.

IPV coaches work with C-Level leadership, mid-level executives, managers and business owners.

The Leadership/Executive Coaching Process

Our process is designed to partner with you in adopting the strategies necessary to obtain significant and lasting results. IPV empowers the client to focus on existing strengths and capabilities while identifying gaps or challenges.

Each program is customized around the vision and goals of your company while establishing a personal leadership vision for you and your support leaders. Each will be broken down into specific goals with accountability and consistent growth objectives.

Finally, we will discuss together strategies to create unity, engagement, initiatives and training required in order to establish the vision for both company and leader.

5 in 5 Performance Coaching Program ©
Accelerated Growth - 5 Goals in 5 Weeks


5 in 5 Performance Coaching

A program founded in scientific studies and statistics that any mindset can be altered within 21-30 days. You will receive daily brain and habit development training through highly effective methods customized to your vision and goals. These methods will alter your perceptions and transform your performance at an accelerated rate.

The 5 in 5 Performance Coaching Program© includes all items listed below along with additional brain training tools and a dedicated coach to walk you through every day for 5 weeks. You will be empowered to adopt new daily habits which will propel you into a new way of living, perceiving and reacting.

Effective for anyone seeking transformative thought processes including senior and mid-level executives, entrepreneurs and business professionals at all levels.

What is Included With The 5 in 5 Program©?

Jason Thomas2

Michelle with IPV has done a great job working with our staff to develop much needed skills in time planning, managing personal stress, empathy, listening and many other skills. Her direct approach and dedication to helping people succeed has been a welcome resource for our team.

Jason Thomas


Business Development Manager of Pleune Service Company

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