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Executive Coaching

Master Leadership with IPV

IPV's Groundbreaking Executive Coaching

Achieve your corporate goals with customized interactive training. Science-backed. Solution-based.

Accelerated Growth for Leaders

IPV Executive Coaching builds your leadership skills with highly a unique brain training system that is collaborative and tailored to your corporate goals. Our holistic approach combines methods utilizing neuroscience and human physiology with intrinsic transformation to create lasting change. 

Every coaching session contains world class content and tailored problem solving with clear accountability for consistent results. Coaching Sessions are equally effective whether in person or virtual.

Our executive coaching program includes our foundational 5 in 5 Performance Coaching© base, customized per client to achieve accelerated growth in leadership mastery. This program is designed for senior and mid-level executives, entrepreneurs and business professionals who wish to build their leadership skills.

Empower Yourself & Your Company

65 %

Achievement Increase

100 %

Coaching ROI

1 %

S&P Increase with Coaching

– Association for Talent Development
– MetrixGlobal
– Harvard Business Review

Building the Foundation for Success

Research shows that daily habit development can accelerate transformation and performance via frequent initial practice. For this reason, our Executive Leadership coaching starts with our revolutionary 5 in 5 Performance Coaching Program®. Scientific studies that show any mindset can be altered within 30 days. This foundation ensures that you quickly transform your performance and perceptions to begin the trajectory to mastery. The work is customized to your specific goals and current skills in order to fine tune the coaching process and objectives. Tools include:

  • Checkpoint 360°™ Leadership Assessment
  • Performance Transformation Tools (PTT’s)
  • Weekly sessions for the initial five weeks
  • Daily Routine Development Training with Accelerated Growth Tool Kit
  • Support materials, including audio and visual learning.
  • Goal tracking and accountability

Executive Coaching Process & Objectives

Effectiveness grows out of a change in habits and mindsets that align with our vision. Our executive coaching program contains three customized phases. The first is dedicated to exercises in daily brain training and developing new habits that ultimately transform our position in both life and career.  The second two phases are adapted to build upon those changes. While the content and objectives are customized to and aligned with your corporate goals, the process has specific inherent professional development objectives to ensure maximum value of your commitment and expansion of your capacity to lead. Our proven process has produced outstanding leaders in every industry.

Phase 1

Preparing the “Canvas” for the Art of Leadership Mastery:  Personal and Professional Development

•Available as Stand-Alone program

Phase 2

Accelerate 1 Leadership Mastery: Extending New Growth and Professional Development

Phase 3

Accelerate 2 Leadership Mastery: Sustaining New Growth and Professional Development

Michelle Steffes


Meet Your Proven Power Coach

Empowering leaders, building business
and unifying teams for over 25 years.

Michelle has over 10,000 hours of study in the science of human behavior. She is the creator of the 5 in 5 Performance Coaching Program©, IPV Group Coaching and an expert on training in Emotional Intelligence. She utilizes neuroscience & pattern disruption to transform lives and cultures. She also authored the book, “Reframe & Rewire: Greatness Through Routine,” and is a thought-leader published in national media and multiple magazines. In 2019, she was featured in FACES Magazine as “The Face of Corporate Training.” Michelle is the CEO & Founder of IPV Consulting, an energetic & passionate Professional Speaker, Corporate Trainer & Executive Coach.

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What Leaders Are Saying

Michelle of IPV is a top notch professional.  I highly recommend her for individual and group coaching.

Lisa Wideman


IPV brought out the very best in me as I competed against over 40 candidates from across the country for the top spot in a wonderful community. If you are committed to change and willing to put in the work. . . IPV can help you reach your goals.

Chief Jarrod Hart


I’ve participated in several coaching programs over the last 10 years. IPV and the 5 and 5 Program is by far the most remarkable and beneficial for making lasting change both personally and professionally.

Leslie C Fiorenzo

Director, EAC

My life has forever been changed personally and professionally, i am on my way to peak performance and mindset! That is all thanks to IPV.

Toby Blair

Manager, ACW

It was worth every cent and ounce of effort . . . IPV’s commitment to clients is above all expectations. You are given the tools to “win” and succeed from now until forever!

The Sales team recently completed 12 monthly sessions with IPV Consulting on Emotional Intelligence. . . the team was able to overcome challenges with corporate change both personally and professionally.

Jenn Maksimowski

Sales Director, Gemini
Michelle is a fantastic coach! She will help you level up in both your personally and professional life! The skills and tools she shares and teaches are transformative and applicable to all areas of your life. The transformation I’ve seen in my own life is amazing. I highly recommend IPV Consulting to anyone looking for that extra accountability and coaching to help them achieve the next level they were created for.”
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