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Developing a Legacy Mindset

Igniting a Passion to Serve

Is it sometimes difficult to maintain focus on the “Why” behind what you do?

Do you struggle with keeping the passion alive for the work or service you provide?

In this inspiring, story filled presentation, Michelle will inspire you, reignite the fire within you and give you cause to reassess the “Why” behind the services you provide. You will find yourself emotionally connecting to the message, laughing at times and even shedding a tear or two as you learn or relearn the importance of the legacy you leave each day in your work.

By the end of the presentation, you will walk away feeling empowered and compelled to face every challenge with new perceptions and a strong desire to reach out and make an impact in the world around you. The call to action will be one of specific and highly effective practices that will reverse self-defeating mindsets and release a fresh passion for life and legacy.


Participants will be able to:

  • Pinpoint Specific Legacy Killers they May be Faced with Daily
  • Comprehend the Brain Science Behind Overcoming Inner Sabotage
  • Learn and Apply Practical Methods to Reframe and Reduce Stress
  • Adopt a Fresh New Perception and Raise the Standard 
  • Build or Rebuild a Legacy through Inspiration, Compassion and Service


This program is perfect for:

  • Leaders, Workers or providers in the field of health, medical or senior industry
  • Leaders, Workers or providers in the educational field 


Format: 45-90 minute keynote or corporate meeting, 45-90 minute breakout or workshop.

Virtually Presentation: Yes, this program can be delivered virtually.

Average Time: 60 to 90 minutes.

What others have experienced:

“If you are looking for a presenter who can create an engaging environment,. . .IPV Consulting would be my top choice! Michelle has so much valuable information to share and knowledge around moving your team to a positive and more energized group to work amongst. She assists your team with finding your value and how to improve yourself as well as your business through a number of resources.” – Marcia Tuitel, Admin, Spectrum Health/Corewell Health 

“Our attendees enjoyed her creative and humorous approach to helping relieve stress in the workplace and they walked away with ways to manage their time more effectively and maintain a healthy state of mind. Our evaluations proved she was the most popular speaker at our 2 day Summit so we have invited her back next year!” – Stephanie Wohlfert, CMP, CTA, Director of Sales and State Accounts, Lansing Connection

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