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Culture Coaching for Leaders & Teams

IPV Group Coaching Leadership Mastery Course 

Culture Coaching for Leaders & Teams

An interactive course designed to build Team Trust & Commitment through Heart Centered Leadership .

IPV Group Coaching Leadership Mastery Course

IPV Group Coaching for Leadership Mastery is a dynamic team builder for your organization! Facilitated, highly interactive and customized to your targeted corporate goals, these session will strengthen your company’s productivity. Customize this progressive and impactful training program by choosing the frequency, length of training contract and specific topics of focus.

Each training session includes world class content, interactive problem solving and mastermind sessions.

Live Interactive Webinar Sessions available for teams who are unable to assemble in one place.

Popular options include: 6-Month, and 1-Year programs featuring 6 or 12  90-minute sessions.

Through these sessions, we will improve performance and engagement in your team to transform your corporate culture and accelerate your productivity. We leverage decades of deep experience in performance coaching that inspires leaders and teams to achieve extraordinary results.

Harness the Power of Accountability

65 %

Achievement with Accountability

100 %

ROI on Coaching Investment

1 %

Increase in S&P for Companies with Leadership Coaching

– Association for Talent Development
– MetrixGlobal
– Harvard Business Review

The IPV Team Playbook

Available in • 6-Month • 1-Year Engagements


  • Emotional Intelligence: The Internal Force of Self-Mastery & Productivity
  • Velvet Covered Steel: How to Think, Communicate & Act with Resilience
  • Gaining the Upper Edge: The Psychology of Influence
  • Confident & Effective Communication Skills
  • Transforming “Busyness” Into Powerfully Effective & Proven Systems
  • Reshaping Culture: Developing Heart Centered Leaders Who Empower


  • Vision Alignment: Simplifying, Integrating & Compelling Team BUY IN
  • Authenticity: A Foundation of Team Trust & Loyalty
  • Decoding Non-Verbal Gestures: Discerning Theirs & Improving Yours
  • Foundational Leadership Practices: Trust & Engagement
  • Innovative Methods Every Executive Should Know About Productivity
  • Developing a Legacy Mindset: Igniting a Passion to Serve

Michelle Steffes



Your Proven Trainer & Coach

Empowering leaders, building business
and unifying teams for over 25 years.

Michelle has over 10,000 hours of study in the science of human behavior. She is the creator of the 5 in 5 Performance Coaching Program©, IPV Group Coaching and an expert on training in Emotional Intelligence. She utilizes neuroscience & pattern disruption to transform lives and cultures.

She also authored two books, “Reframe & Rewire: Greatness Through Routine,” and “The Machine Inside Me” (for children 8-14). She is a thought-leader published in national media and multiple magazines and in 2019, was featured in FACES Magazine as “The Face of Corporate Training.”

Michelle is the CEO & Founder of IPV Consulting, an energetic & passionate Professional Speaker, Corporate Trainer & Executive Coach.

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What Leaders Are Saying

IPV assists your team with finding their value and how to improve yourself as well as your business.

M. Tuitel

Spectrum Health
Michelle provided amazing content and actionable steps to boost my resilience!

Amelia (Mimi) Brown

Consumers Energy

Informative, engaging, helpful and really resonated with what I am facing personally and professionally.

B. Rodriguez

Gemini Publishing

Amazing 12 month journey with IPV Group Coaching! Take aways at every session for professional and personal growth!

“Michelle and her team are a pleasure to work with. High energy, engaging, and very responsive. The IPV Group Leadership Mastery Training was a huge success for our team.

Michelle did a great job energizing our team and keeping them engaged…Our team members really enjoyed the subject matter and the interactive nature of the activities.

Victor Cardenas

Asst. City Manager

I loved the use of science & factual evidence!

Josiah Maat

Manager, Quality CW
IPV Consulting | Executive & Team Coaching | MI