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Rave Reviews

Speaker and Corporate Trainer

I have had the opportunity and pleasure of knowing Michelle for the past several years. I have attended her workshops and from that, I engaged her to speak at several events for a professional group and conference I am a part of. Hands down, her track was the best attended and had the most responses with amazing feedback! Her insights into the topic of emotional intelligence along with other topics are profound and her book is a must read. Michelle is very passionate about her work and is an enthusiastic engaging speaker that not only captivates your attention with topic content, but also engages you as part of the learning.
Derek Wood

Derek Wood

CFO of West Michigan Transport

If you are looking for a presenter who can create an engaging environment, allow your team to interact with one another and participate in a few activities, IPV Consulting would be my top choice! Michelle has so much valuable information to share and knowledge around moving your team to a positive and more energized group to work amongst. She assists your team with finding your value and how to improve yourself as well as your business through a number of resources.
Marcia Tuitel

Marcia Tuitel

Spectrum Health Hospitals

The Michigan Society of Association Executives was fortunate enough to have Michelle come speak at our CMP Summit this past October. She kicked off our program with the topic “Avoiding Burnout”. Our attendees enjoyed her creative and humorous approach to helping relieve stress in the workplace and they walked away with ways to manage their time more effectively and maintain a healthy state of mind. Our evaluations proved she was the most popular speaker at our 2 day Summit so we have invited her back next year, too!


Stephanie Wohlfert

Destination Sales at the Greater Lansing Convention & Visitors Bureau

Michelle did a great job energizing our team and keeping them engaged throughout her time with two different groups. Our team members really enjoyed the subject matter and the interactive nature of the activities that Michelle planned for them. I’d highly recommend her for a staff training for any organization or group.


Victor Cardenas

Asst. City Manager, Novi, MI

Michelle was an amazing speaker for the Region V IIMC Meeting in Grand Rapids, MI. Over 70 City/Township municipal clerks from 5 states attended and all gave her rave reviews. Her topics were Avoiding Burnout and Empowering Leadership. Both of which are critical to our daily and professional lives.

Sarah Bydalek[15781]

Sarah Bydalek

City Clerk at City of Walker, MI

“Michelle was amazing & inspiring! I have been to many of these conferences and this was,  hands down, been the best keynote”


Carie M Gort

Business Development Coordinator at Spectrum Health

Michelle is a wonderful speaker. She is fun, motivating, and enlightening. Her presentations open you up to the positive changes you can make in your life, personally and professionally.

Karla E

Karla E.

Wow… the presentation I attended in May 2019 was incredible. It all was so relevant and applied to every person in attendance. She held my attention throughout. I learned so much about myself. I highly recommend Michelle.


Theresa K.

Spectrum Health Hospitals

Michelle with IPV has done a great job working with our staff to develop much needed skills in time planning, managing personal stress, empathy, listening and many other skills. Her direct approach and dedication to helping people succeed has been a welcome resource for our team.

Jason Thomas2

Jason Thomas

Business Development Manager at Pleune Service Company

Michelle led our agency in a staff training that was truly remarkable! She helped us recognize our strengths as individuals within the group, and how our contributions make our agency unique in the work we do. I knew I had a great team, now we all know why! Thank you Michelle!!

Kendra Schumaker

Kendra S. Schumaker

Executive Director of SarahCare Adult Day Center

Michelle is a passionate and motivating speaker. She spoke at a training of 45 of our leaders. . . She was specifically mentioned as the best part of the training program. She raises the productivity of those she is around. Everyone in the audience was engaged through her style of speaking. Her speaking skills, her experience, and her passion for people, make her someone very extraordinary.


Thomas Lynema

Programmer/Analyst at Western Michigan University

Michelle was the keynote speaker at our staff retreat in September 2017. Her relentlessly positive attitude, knowledge, and confident demeanor resonated with me.


Jerrod Hart

Assistant Chief of Police, City of Novi

I have had the pleasure of attending numerous workshops and speaker events and have heard Michelle touch everyone in the room with her words. The minute that Michelle walks into the room, you can sense how authentic and empowering she is. She is a true leader and is gifted in bringing out the leadership strengths in others. Her enthusiasm permeates throughout and she aims to grow those around her so that they can empower, impact, mentor, and make a difference to those that they serve.

Michelle is a compassionate and empowering certified coach. She digs beneath the surface to find your strengths and identify hidden passions. She is a cheerleader and works with you every step of the way to establish and surpass goals. She has given me more confidence and focus.

As a business coach, Michelle will help you to take control of your business and bring your leadership and performance to a new level. I know several business owners who have walked the leadership path with Michelle and have never looked back. Michelle is a true gift to individuals and growing businesses.


Lisa F Kosak

Marketing Manager of Zeeland Lumber and Supply

Michelle has a proven track record of success in her professional career and excels at building integrated high performing teams. She can work with any group of people and manage the process to optimize their performance which is a gift that seems to come naturally to her. Michelle does formal speaking engagements where she connects to her audience on a personal and professional level. It is for the above reasons that it is a privilege to give Michelle my highest recommendation for any position for which she is being considered.


Wendy DeJong

Accounts Executive, Gilson Graphics

Michelle Steffes is by far the most engaging and inspiring speaker I’ve had the pleasure to see. Her team building skills are exceptional. She will leave you in awe of the improvements to your team… their efficiency and productivity, their new and improved attitudes, their changed lives. Michelle is a leader of leaders, with the tenacity to help any enterprise overcome an ocean of challenges. Her ability to effectively unify teams and advance an organization’s vision will ultimately impact the bottom line.


Laura Lyons

CEO Natural Wellness Alliance – Holistic Benefits for Wellness Without Limits

I have seen Michelle speak on several topics and have found her presentations to be entertaining, informative and very motivational. She is a humble servant/leader of high integrity that personifies and lives what she preaches. Michelle also brings a unique set of skills and abilities to any task that she undertakes. She is an excellent strategic thinker but can still work at the tactical level to get things done. As part of this she has excellent problem solving skills which is a valuable intangible asset. It is for these and other reasons that I am pleased to recommend Michelle for any engagement or position that she is being considered for.


Ronald Robb

CEO at myTEAM TRIUMPH National

Thank you Michelle Steffes for a great talk. Paul Seese and I attended your event on Empowering Leadership. No matter how many times I hear you speak I always learn something to move me forward. Thanks again!

Seese 2

Ellen Seese

Operations Manager, Disability Advocates of West Michigan

Michelle is a passionate, energetic and piercing speaker/coach/consultant. I have attended two of her seminars. . . She speaks with transparency and resilience, and doesn’t let you make excuses for yourself. She’ll make you own your vision with measurable success.

Leah Page

Leah Page

Lead Customer Service Professional at Vi-Chem Corporation

I have worked with Michelle professionally for a few years and she is outstanding, goal oriented and dedicated to achieving what others only dream.


David Pace

CEO, Business Speakers Bureau & Entertainment

These sessions have truly motivate me and helped me tremendously in this new job as a sales person. The lessons have been beneficial in my personal life as well as in connecting the two in order to be well rounded.
a smiley

A Smiley

Gemini Publishing

IPV Consulting was informative, engaging, helpful & really resonated with what I am facing personally & professionally. Michelle, you are great! Thank you so much for your time and expertise!
bri r

B Rodriguez

Gemini Publishing

The GR Business Journal/Gemini Publishing Sales team recently completed 12 monthly sessions with IPV Consulting on Emotional Intelligence. With Michelle’s direction the sales team was able to overcome challenges with corporate change both personally and professionally. I highly recommend her corporate training for teams of all sizes. Her monthly workshops are engaging and geared to every learning style. We absolutely enjoyed and looked forward to each month of training with Michelle. . . IPV consulting was informative, engaging, helpful and really resonated with what I am facing personally and professionally. Michelle you are great!

Jenn Maksimowski

Gemini Publishing

Michelle provided amazing content and actionable steps to boost my resilience!

Amelia (Mimi) Brown

Consumers Energy

Michelle and her team are a pleasure to work with. High energy, engaging, and very responsive. The IPV Group Leadership Mastery Training was a huge success for our team.

Dan Geissbuhler

N. California President, US Foods

Michelle is a dynamic speaker who kept our Ada Business Association members captivated during a recent lunch and learn. Her presentation provided thought provoking information about how our brains are wired and the habits that impede energy and destroy productivity. Michelle’s insights on how to combat those destructive routines and rewire our brains for more energy and productivity inspired everyone in attendance. We highly recommend Michelle as a speaker and would invite her back for another presentation!

Kim Rantala

Director, Ada Business Association

Michelle Steffes led an interactive talk with my Information Technology Division at GRCC. She presented science-based information in a fun and engaging way, which helped us process and remember what we learned. IT folks are often natural introverts, sometimes skeptical, but are still talking about the ideas she shared and the ways we can each make small daily adjustments to our thinking which leads to BIG changes in our well-being. This is great stuff – professionally and personally!


Debra Hintz

CIO, VP Grand Rapids Community College

“Michelle is an amazing professional speaker and author! Our Connected Chamber Women’s Event of over 100 business women so much enjoyed listening to her presentation and purchasing her amazing books. We are so blessed with her partnership!”

Barb Nauta

Director GTCC

Executive and Performance Coaching

Executive and Performance Coaching

During our four years of coaching, Michelle has helped me grow tremendously as a leader and a person. These changes helped me move Keystone Pharmacy forward in our community and has aided greatly in staff retention.
David Miller

David Miller

RPh, PhD, FIACP, FACA, Owner, Chief Formulation Scientist

I was at a crossroads in my career with 26 years of law enfourcement at the same agency, the last ten in progressive leadership positions. Currently serving as an Assistant Chief, I was ready to lead another agency and knew immediately Michelle could assist. I committed myself to the “5 in 5” program and within days, co-workers and my family noted a positive difference in me. just as important, I noticed a difference in myself. I was focused, positive, and insightful. My vision statement included the goal of becoming a Chief of Police by December 2018. I did it in less than 5 weeks and a year ahead of schedule! Attaining my goal is not only attributed to being a high performer, but a direct result of the “5 in 5” program. During the interview process, I found myself reciting information from white papers and videos Michelle selected for my personal growth. Michelle brought out the very best in me as I competed against nearly 50 candidates from across the country and I highly recommend you allow her to do the same for you!


Jerrod Hart

Chief of Police, Saline, MI

Michelle Steffes of IPV Consulting comes highly recommended from my personal experience. I had been going through challenging experiences in my professional life, which were impacting me negatively in all areas of life–even inducing clinical depression. I explored several avenues to seek help. I was hesitant that a coach was what I needed, but I had heard Michelle speak to our employees, and she struck a cord and resonated with me. I took a leap of faith to invest in Michelle’s services and in myself, and it was worth every cent and ounce of effort I put in to help overcome my state of mind and gain focus and direction in my life. Michelle’s commitment to her clients is above all expectations. You are given the tools to “win” and succeed from now until forever.

Kati S 2

Kati S.

Administrative Executive of National County Bank

I was fortunate enough to see Michelle Steffes in action at a Supply Chain conference. I was in a challenging time in my life and career… Since working with Michelle I have noticed improved memory, better quality sleep to where I wake up feeling rested, and I have new tools and knowledge I can use to mentor and help others. Before beginning Michelle’s  5 in 5 Performance Coaching program my mind was dominated by negative thoughts and I was engulfed by self-doubt. Now, my thoughts are consistently positive and encouraging, and I feel better about myself, my relationships, and my outlook on life and my career.

Heather Arnold

Heather Arnold

Global Quality Management Systems at Amway

Since I am a believer in the importance of personal growth, I’ve participated in several coaching programs over the last 10 years. Michelle’s 5 and 5 is by far the most remarkable and beneficial for making lasting change both personally and professional. I highly recommend this program if you are serious about improving your life..

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Leslie Fiorenzo

Director, Employee Assistance Center

When I first approached Michelle I was at a stand still in personal and business growth. I had taken a class on how to grow my business but couldn’t get my brain focused on the positive to actually make it happen.

After doing the 5 in 5 I have such a positive outlook on my personal life, my marriage AND my business. I enjoy getting up everyday to go in to my business and can’t wait to see my business explode this year.

Huge shout out to Michelle for believing in me and giving me direction just when I needed it most!

If you are on the fence, JUST DO IT!


Camille Blair

Michelle Steffes is overflowing with encouragement, support, and leadership. This Program helped me become a better father, husband, and a better leader.

chad reed

Chad Reed

Field Operations Manager, Pleune Services

If you’re ever looking for someone to help you move to the next level in life rather than personal or professional, I highly recommend you work with Michelle. She’s very passionate about helping people excel to the next level. She listens and supports you from the first day and beyond. She truly has your best interest in mind. Her coaching style and techniques have helped me in more ways than she will know. I HIGHLY recommend Michelle and encourage everyone who’s looking to advance in life to give her a call.


Beverly Maddox

CMP Director of Signature Events at Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce

In the last 5 weeks, my productivity and overall disposition have improved dramatically. I’ve known “of” Michelle for several years, and finally had the opportunity to talk with her earlier this year, which lead me to work with her through her intensive 5 week program to change my habits. While I was doing well before, I knew I needed some improvement on personal development in a few areas which would impact my life personally and professionally. The information she has shared with me and tools used for my own awareness were incredibly helpful and easy to incorporate into my new routine. I’m looking forward to continuing my progress with her!.

Rebecca Dutcher

Rebecca Dutcher

President & Founder of Red66 Marketing

I highly recommend Michelle. Her consulting really helped my business to grow and motivated my team. She really helped everyone align with the same goals and execute a strategic plan. Give her a call for a free consultation if you think your business can use a change.


Eric Blair

State Farm Agent

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Michelle for several years, and couldn’t be more proud of her accomplishments and the success of her book. I went through Michelle’s 5 in 5 program and it truly brought clarity and calmness to my work and personal life. I strongly recommend that you attend on of her seminars, listen to her podcasts and read her book Your Journey to GREATNESS Through Routine. What are you waiting for?

Rick Kirvan

Rick Kirvan

The Kirvan Agency, LLC

Michelle saved and changed my life. As a young 21 year old finding his place in life… I have nothing but absolute praise and gratitude towards her and what she has given me, including; happiness, a competitive spirit, extreme comfidence, ownership of my life, and success in so many aspects. I know for a fact that although all of these characteristics were within me the whole time, Michelle was the one I needed to draw them out and make me believe and see that I am great. Could not recommend her more. I no longer have depressive or suicidal thoughts, and I do not see any in the future either, that speaks for itself. She is polite, understanding, professional, and an expert in her work. Thank you Michelle!

Omni Owner

Ryan Schaub

CEO of Omni Digital Enterprises

With past struggles of anxiety, and depression, I reached a point (even in my young life) where I needed a way to not only just function in my daily life but to succeed in my daily life. Before the IPV consulting, I was just getting through the day, with no clear goals and just an idea in my head. With IPV consulting I was taught how to take the goal in my head and use that to create a plan for success. I was not only able to adjust to a huge move and continuously work at my new career but also noticed a huge change in my attitude and how I viewed myself. Working with Michelle for the last 5 weeks was an amazing experience and one that built the foundation of my career and life. I have never felt so confident in my abilities, confident in who I am as a person, and excited for the growth to continue in my life. I noticed a huge shift with my anxiety, and the relief has allowed me to put myself out there in my new life, and start making the changes I want to see happen. If you are looking for something that can change your life, your attitude, and your career I would highly recommend working with Michelle and IPV Consulting.

Alyssa Meeuwsen

I have participated in both the 5 in 5 Performance Coaching Program and the IPV Group Coaching series and have been blown away by the impact that it has had in my life. Michelle did a phenomenal job of meeting me where I was and guiding me to achieve more than I could ever imagine.

Jennifer W

When I went to the IPV Consulting with Michelle, I listened to her, but in my mind I was thinking, not for me. This won’t work. The same thing everyday to the minute isn’t exactly the life I want to live. I’m fine the way I am. My employer encouraged me to go, so I went. I took the steps. I could not believe the difference it made in me I was eager to arise everyday and knock out my task list simply because of what it was doing to me mentally. Michelle broke everything down so easily for me to understand and stayed by side (1 on 1 sessions, and thru email, or text whenever I needed her) thru the whole process. If you are currently thinking, there has to be more to life, or what is my purpose? Or you simply believe you were made for more, Call Michelle, get setup with the consulting. Take the steps, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!
Lindsey Danials

Lindsay McDaniels

I connected with Michelle when I was wanting to claim this time in my life for me. I have seen tremendous growth with my motivation, time management, focus/discipline and we are making great strides towards my goals and dreams. I am in awe at the amount of new opportunities and new contacts I have made in just 5 weeks! All areas of my life are reaping the benefits of working with her. She is very encouraging, in tune with what I need along the way and keeps me on track. Taking this leap, was definitely what I needed and the best investment I could have made for myself.

Michelle s2

Michelle S.

Media Designer at Meijer

I have worked with Michelle on both professional and personal matters. I can say with extreme gratitude that Michelle has been instrumental in my most recent accomplishments. Her skills are above bar; her instruction is engaging; her knowledge is wide-ranging, offering a wealth of information used to build one’s self growth; and her compassion is contagious. . .I highly recommend meeting with Michelle to see how she can teach you how to better yourself and your career!!


Bobbi S. Hines

Attorney at Kreis, Enderle, Hudgins, & Borsos P.C.

Michelle was truly the perfect person at the perfect time. She helped me organize what I needed . . . and more! Michelle has wonderful tools to help employers to build a united and excited team. I am so grateful for all she has done for me and I know my business will forever be impacted by her expertise and knowledge!


Kelly Haasberger

Owner, Naturopathic Doctor at Grand Rapids Natural Health

My client brought Michelle in to work with their controller who was operating in constant stress and chaos, mostly of her (the controller’s) own making. Within the first 2 weeks, we noticed improvement. She was much calmer and more relaxed. She told us she felt much more in control of herself at work and her home life was improved as well. By the end of the 5-week program, her conversations and contributions in meeting were clear, concise, and productive and she said she felt more confident and capable than she had in a long time.

Ken Trupke

Ken Trupke

President of Pro-Training

A multitude of counselors combined cannot outweigh what I have received from Michelle’s coaching. She is, by far, more knowledgeable and compassionate with her approach. In just five weeks, my progress has improved significantly. It’s not only I that can see it, but I’m hearing it from others too. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to define my vision (what I really want), set attainable goals and act on them. And remaining forever grateful. Now I am seeing the fruition. I am continuing with her program on the next level to continue growing in all areas of my life. REMARKABLE!


Nicki Thompson

Michelle L Steffes and I met in 2013 at a networking event, but it wasn’t until January 2014 that we had a meaningful interaction. It was immediately apparent that Michelle loves people and her greatest joy is to see them succeed, both personally and professionally. In July 2014, I hired Michelle for her 5 in 5 Performance Coaching program (5 intense weeks) and saw results right away. We continued with Michelle’s highest level of individual coaching which included twice weekly encouraging emails with empowering quotes, podcasts, and videos along with monthly in-person meetings where I received educational whitepapers. Over a period of six months in 2016, I attended her IPVGroup Coaching, met a lot of great business professionals, and learned even more about goal setting, time management, stress reduction, and the neuroscience behind personal growth and development. Throughout my experiences with Michelle, I have been greatly impressed by her passion for helping people through education and encouragement. Michelle has earned my respect and I continue to look for opportunities to refer her to others in need of a compassionate guide toward a greater future!!


Alix Criswell

Associate Broker, Patriot Realty

Michelle is a fantastic coach! She will help you level up in both your personally and professional life! The skills and tools she shares and teaches are transformative and applicable to all areas of your life. The transformation I’ve seen in my own life is amazing. I highly recommend IPV Consulting to anyone looking for that extra accountability and coaching to help them achieve the next level they were created for.

Annie Trupke

CSTL, ProTrainings

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