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Michelle L. Steffes Interviewed on Life!Line with Craig Roberts

Hear Michelle Speak About Gratitude on Life!Line with Craig Roberts

Michelle L. Steffes of IPV Consulting appeared on Life!Line with Craig Roberts over the Thanksgiving holiday to discuss the importance of having an “Attitude of Gratitude.” Listen in as she talks about the positive effects of practicing gratitude in your everyday life, extending across your emotional, mental, and physical health. She also shares some simple things you can do every day to incorporate gratefulness into your life.

About Life!Line with Craig Roberts

Each day, Craig Roberts tackles issues that affect your life, your world, and your Christian Walk. Life!Line is Northern California’s longest running and most widely listened to show of its kind.¬†Join Craig on KFAX¬†from 5-7PM every weekday!

Needs some guidance bringing an “Attitude of Gratitude” to your team? Do you want to find ways to show your team how much you appreciate their work? Talk to us about in-person and remote program options.

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