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I was at a crossroads in my career with 26 years of law enforcement at the same agency, the last ten in progressive leadership positions. Currently serving as an Assistant Chief, I was ready to lead another agency and knew immediately (from a speaking engagement) Michelle could help me get to the next level.
I committed myself to the “5 in 5” program and within days, co-workers and my family noted a positive difference in me. Just as importantly, I noticed a difference in myself. I was focused, positive and insightful. My vision statement included the goal of becoming a Chief of Police by December 2018. I did it in less than 5 weeks and a year ahead of schedule! Attaining my goal is not only attributed to being a high performer, but a direct result of the “5 in 5” program. During the interview process, I found myself reciting information from white papers and videos Michelle selected for my personal growth. Michele brought out the very best in me as I competed against over 40 candidates from across the country for the top spot in a wonderful community. If you are committed to change and willing to put in the work, I am confident Michelle can help you reach your goals as well. Best wishes!
Jerrod Hart
Assistant Chief of Police at City of Novi, Michigan


Michelle Steffes of IPV Consulting comes highly recommended from my personal experience. I had been going through challenging experiences in my professional life, which were impacting me negatively in all areas of life–even inducing clinical depression. I explored several avenues to seek help. I was hesitant that a coach was what I needed, but I had heard Michelle speak to our employees, and she struck a cord and resonated with me. I took a leap of faith to invest in Michelle’s services and in myself, and it was worth every cent and ounce of effort I put in to help overcome my state of mind and gain focus and direction in my life. Michelle’s commitment to her clients is above all expectations. You are given the tools to “win” and succeed from now until forever.
Kati S.


My client brought Michelle in to work with their controller who was operating in constant stress and chaos, mostly of her (the controller’s) own making.

Within the first 2 weeks, we noticed improvement. She was much calmer and more relaxed. She told us she felt much more in control of herself at work and her home life was improved as well.

By the end of the 5-week program, her conversations and contributions in meetings were clear, concise, and productive and she said she felt more confident and capable than she had in a long time.

I highly recommend Michelle!
Ken Trupke


Through Michelle’s Equip group, I have seen a dramatic positive change in how I view myself and the world. Rather than just giving empathy for your difficulties in personal or business life, she teaches you how to solve these problems with well researched and achievable solutions that can be applied to a myriad of situations. She is a phenomenal speaker and teacher. I highly recommend her and her courses to anyone looking to know how to achieve success and take control of your own life.

Rob Rice, CEO RRI


Christine Morse

I have known Michelle for several years and have seen her power in leading teams of people to higher level of understanding and being a great leader. I believe in her and would recommend her to all of my connections.
Christine Morse, Disability Advocates of Kent County


Michelle has unparalleled communication skills. When she desires to accomplish something, she already has the knowledge to do so or she has the contacts to help. There is no one else I’d call if I needed help motivating or communicating with others.
Eric Lee Gray, Owner, Eric Lee Photos


Esther Brummel

Your suggestions are always right on and to the point. Michelle’s coaching has improved my leadership skills, giving me direction and confidence. Staff incentives have become a huge benefit for the staff and leadership. EMB incentives include individuals who go the extra mile, daily team goals, weekly and monthly individual goals, and six and twelve month proficiency ratings. Every month at our meeting we have a birthday and celebration luncheon.

Michelle reinforced my vision for the salon, improved employee productivity and achieved interactive engagement between leadership and staff. The IPV Consulting Tool Kit contains all the information needed for team building, incentives, visions, and goals. My complete format for success! Michelle cares about people, will always be truthful and work diligently to ensure your business strategies are successful.
Esther Brummel, Owner, EMB Image Studios


Eric Blair

I highly recommend Michelle. Her consulting really helped my business to grow and motivated my team. She really helped everyone align with the same goals and execute a strategic plan. Give her a call for a free consultation if you think your business can use a change.
Eric Blair, State Farm Agent


Beverly Maddox

If you’re ever looking for someone to help you move to the next level in life rather than personal or professional, I highly recommend you work with Michelle. She’s very passionate about helping people excel to the next level. She listens and supports you from the first day and beyond. She truly has your best interest in mind. Her coaching style and techniques have helped me in more ways than she will know. I HIGHLY recommend Michelle and encourage everyone who’s looking to advance in life to give her a call.
Beverly Maddox, CMP Director of Signature Events at Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce.


David Pace

I have worked with Michelle professionally for a few years and she is outstanding, goal-oriented, and dedicated to achieving what others only dream of. She is a good connection to have.
David Pace, CEO, Business Speakers Bureau


Lisa Kosak

Michelle will help you to take control of your business and bring your leadership and performance to a new level. I know several business owners who have walked the leadership path with Michelle and have never looked back. Michelle is a true gift to individuals and growing businesses.
Lisa Kosak
Leadership & Marketing


Jim Cox

Michelle Steffes is a Performance Coaching Consultant Dynamic. She is ludicrously prolific, incredibly active, and yet she is, at all times, unfailingly charming and friendly. She is a wonderful presenter, a Social Media maven, and a person to call on when you need answers, advice, or results. If the question is whether I’d recommend Michelle Steffes, the answer is yes, without hesitation.
Jim Cox, Owner, PriorityHR


We all realize at some point turning to others in times of need is a must, and when I heard Michelle Steffes speak at a chamber luncheon, she immediately inspired me to take a step forward. During the 5 weeks I spent with Michelle, she pushed me to take many more. Through her tools, her talks, her many word words of encouragement, I no longer feel the deep darkness I was hiding in.  Outwardly we can all pretend to be happy, but Michelle’s teachings, and more so her faith, helped me to find the place where happy really comes from – in our minds and hearts.  There is still a long way to go, but thanks to Michelle and her daily support, I’m now looking down at the bottom instead of up.
Karyn Boyd, Senior Community Affairs Representative ITC Holdings


Michelle was truly the perfect person at the perfect time. She helped me organize what I needed . . . and more! Michelle has wonderful tools to help employers to build a united and excited team. I am so grateful for all she has done for me and I know my business will forever be impacted by her expertise and knowledge!
Kelly Haasberger
Owner, Naturopathic Doctor at Grand Rapids Natural Health


Michelle L Steffes and I met in 2013 at a networking event, but it wasn’t until January 2014 that we had a meaningful interaction. It was immediately apparent that Michelle loves people and her greatest joy is to see them succeed, both personally and professionally. In July 2014, I hired Michelle for her 5 in 5 Performance Coaching program (5 intense weeks) and saw results right away. We continued with Michelle’s highest level of individual coaching which included twice weekly encouraging emails with empowering quotes, podcasts, and videos along with monthly in-person meetings where I received educational whitepapers. Over a period of six months in 2016, I attended her IPVGroup Coaching, met a lot of great business professionals, and learned even more about goal setting, time management, stress reduction, and the neuroscience behind personal growth and development. Throughout my experiences with Michelle, I have been greatly impressed by her passion for helping people through education and encouragement. Michelle has earned my respect and I continue to look for opportunities to refer her to others in need of a compassionate guide toward a greater future!!

Alix Criswell
Associate Broker, Patriot Realty


have worked with Michelle on both professional and personal matters. I can say with extreme gratitude that Michelle has been instrumental in my most recent accomplishments. Her skills are above bar; her instruction is engaging; her knowledge is wide-ranging, offering a wealth of information used to build one’s self growth; and her compassion is contagious. . .I highly recommend meeting with Michelle to see how she can teach you how to better yourself and your career!!

Bobbi S. Hines
Attorney at Law – Alles Law


Throughout her business training, that she created especially for me, she kept my motivation high with lessons, podcasts, & words of encouragement. Michelle is authentic & caring. She helps you to achieve the best version of yourself. I think of Michelle not only as a mentor but a friend.
CJ DeVries
Brand Marketing + PR






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