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Avoiding Burnout

Approximately eight out of every ten employees are over-stressed. This statistic is up over 10 percent in the past decade and is not going away. The health and productivity of the workforce is the key to excellence.

Michelle will approach the topic of Avoiding Burn out with an understanding of Neuroscience and Physiology accompanied by stories, analogies, statistics and examples from 25 years of leadership and team building.

In this address, you will learn how to take back control. We will reveal the major causes of burnout and help you to diagnose where you might fall in the 12 Stages of Burnout. We will also reveal 6 crucial Keys to Avoiding Burnout including insights and applications.  You will feel empowered and equipped with specific ways to manage your stress, your time and your tasks more effectively.

A Few Take-Aways:

  • The 12 Stages of Burnout
  • Stress, Burnout and Physiology –  How it Affects our Brains and Well-Being
  • Six Keys to Avoiding Burnout
  • The Neuroscience behind a Healthy State of Mind
  • Physiological Changes We can Make from the Outside
  • Retraining your Brain
  • Make a Plan with Vision and Purpose
  • Effective Time/Task Management
  • Empowering You and Empowering Others for a Better Work Environment

What others are saying:

“The Michigan Society of Association Executives was fortunate enough to have Michelle come speak at our CMP Summit this past October. She kicked off our program with the topic “Avoiding Burnout”. Our attendees enjoyed her creative and humorous approach to helping relieve stress in the workplace and they walked away with ways to manage their time more effectively and maintain a healthy state of mind. Our evaluations proved she was the most popular speaker at our 2 day Summit so we have invited her back next year, too!”

Stephanie Wohlfert, CMP, CTAA – Meeting Coordinator at Michigan Society of Association Executives

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