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Listen To Episode 4 of Michelle Steffes’ Podcast: “Resilience in times of change”

Further Your Understanding of the Impacts of Change

At the end of the previous episode in the Resilience in Times of Change podcast, Michelle left off on the topic of the “danger zone,” one of the stages of change.

Understanding how change affects our lives, and how to navigate that change is critical to your resiliency. Join Michelle as she speaks not only to individuals about this concept, but employers as well, helping them guide their teams through changes in company.

Listen to the fourth episode below, or scroll below the player to read the full transcript!

Listen to "Resilience in Times of Change: Episode 4"


Welcome to Reframe and Rewire: Greatness Through Daily Routine. This podcast is designed to alter your minds sets and transform your day to day from the second you open your eyes, until you close them at night, adapting what I would call a success routine. This series is liable to change your life, and it’s never the big things that you do, but the littlest things you do every day that make the biggest difference. Now, onto the podcast. Thank you for joining.

Well, welcome back to the podcast, as we continue in this series on resilience in times of change, a course on resiliency. Well, yesterday we left off on the danger zone as we were walking through the stages of change, understanding how change affects our lives, and how we can get to the other side of that change in a very powerful way is a critical piece to your ability to be resilient. When changes happen in our lives, and they always will, and they have since we were born, we need to learn how to cope with it correctly. If we do not, we may suffer horrible, reprehensible consequences from the trauma that can happen in our hearts and our minds, especially… Well, even PTSD is actually a result of someone that’s not been able to deal with or cope with massive changes in their lives or things that have traumatized them. It can last for their entire life or existence and bring back horrible memories and horrible consequences physiologically, psychologically, and even physically, and relationally, of course. We need to realize that understanding change and understanding every component of what it is to be resilient is critical to especially the era we’re in now, but your overall recovery and ability to rise above it.

I hope that you heard the danger zone piece to this, and even really the rest of it. If you’re just now joining, I want to encourage you to jump on and listen to the entire series thus far.

Let’s get back into the material here. Outside of the danger zone, the next stage is stage four, and that’s the stage of recovery. At this point, you’ve made appropriate decisions, critical decisions, important decisions about how you want to move forward from here. You’ve been able to get through the danger zone and realize, “Look, if I don’t change something about the way I’m thinking, acting, approaching, and perceiving this, I will suffer massive consequences, and I’ll never come out of the end of this in this condition that I want for my life, my future, my family, my career, everything.”

Stage four of discovery, you start to get some of your hope back. You begin to be more discerning about what you’re going to spend your time on, what you’re going to listen to, how you’re going to direct your focus, and you begin to be very discerning about your thoughts in general, and what you’re going to do going forward as far as the processing part of those thoughts.

Then you start to regain some energy. You start to feel a little bit re-energized. No, you’re not quite there yet, but at least you are having some kind of control back on your emotions, your feelings, and, I guess, the out of control, downward spiral that you were in, in stages one through three, and you decided not to stay in that danger zone.

Stage five is realignment. Now, with stage five, you’re feeling a little bit more confident. You’re you’re feeling back in the driver’s seat again. You’re having this sense of security. “Look, I can do this. All right. We’re moving in the right direction here. No, it doesn’t look like it used to. No, I can’t do things exactly like I used to do or I can’t expect what I had before, but I’ve learned how to move forward in what I have and how I can advance from here.” Then productivity begins to return.

Then, finally, stage six, you are now cohesive to the current vision as it is today. No, it may not look like it did yesterday, or a year ago, or two years ago, or three years ago. But with this, you’ve made enough wonderful decisions, powerful decisions, that you are starting now to feel more excited about your future, definitely more focused about what you need to do, and also what you can’t do, what you can no longer dwell on. Then you begin to get engaged again.

Now, I mentioned before, corporately, this is also true, and that is. When you’ve got your team back on course, and you’ve aligned them with the vision, you’re definitely going to see a return to excitement, more of a focused and engaged atmosphere. But in terms of yourself, whether, again, it’s a death in the family, and I mentioned this at the very beginning, which is horrible, I mean, it’s devastating, but learning how to move forward from that knowing you can’t change that death, it happened, so learning how to begin to move forward in the life you have now, rather than dwelling on what you lost. That’s the key to this, and that’s true of a job loss, or a sickness, or a disease, or any kind of a massive change in our lives. These are the six stages we have to get through. Actually, seven if you count the danger zone.

Now, in this particular episode, I’m going to go ahead and include in the comments or the box within the podcast, the copy to the PDF on the cycle of change, so you can actually possess that. What I would encourage you to do is mark on that an I where you feel you are as an individual, an L where you feel you are as a leader. Now, remember, leader, it’s not only a leader of an organization, but it could be a leader of a family, or a people group, or whatever, and then T as a team. That team might be, again, your children or your family, those that you lead, or it could be those that you are guiding through in terms of a corporate set up.

However you want to look at this, however you want to mark it up, it might be a good idea to mark it up and then really begin to think about how you need to move forward, what you need to do to move forward, and the changes that you need to see in order to get to the other side. I would encourage you to also readdress this in another three months. Print a couple of them and then see if you’ve been able to push yourself forward.

All right. We’re going to go on to the next piece tomorrow. Please tune back in with us. This is Michelle Steffes, Reframe and Rewire. We’re going to get into the next piece soon, so stay with us. Thank you.

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