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What is Zapping Your Energy? 

The New York Times stated in 2013, “sleep deprivation costs American companies $63.2 billion a year in lost productivity.” Furthermore, Harvard Business Review stated, “Food has a direct impact on our cognitive performance…” We all know sleep and food can zap our energy levels but what else may be the culprit?

Energy zappers are bad habits that drain out our energy daily. If we can study this and avoid or alter even 50% of them, we can discover a vast difference in our ability to take on day to day assignments and think brilliantly with a seemingly endless supply of undaunted energy and zeal.

Let’s begin with a list of potential ENERGY ZAPPERS:

* Lack of Sleep – Brain cells and necessary chemicals are not allow to replete

* Dehydration – Blood thickens and slows us down enormously – drink 1/2 body weight in ounces water daily

* Lack of Exercise – Fatigue is a common result

* Perfectionism – Paralyzation and extended projects = failed sense of progress

* Over-thinking – Fear of things that have not happened paralyze us

* Negativity – It takes 21-30 days to develop a neural pathway, be it positive or negative. Be intentional about your inner and outer dialogue

* Skipping Breakfast – Platelets of your blood get sticky overnight causing lethargy and statistics tell us this is the primary time for heart attacks

* Crazy sleep schedule – You body is addicted to ROUTINE! Make it a good one

* Too much junk food/sugar – Affects your glycemic index factors and throws off your system in many ways reducing your energy massively!

* Trouble saying “NO” – Builds regret, remorse, bitterness and resentment

* Disorganization and/or clutter – Neuroscience has proven “messy and disorganized surroundings can reduce our productivity in multiple ways

* Lack of “Unplugging” – Devices become an addition, learn to completely uplug or you set yourself up for burnout

* Too much alcohol – alters your metabolism and is a depressant

* Too much caffeine – 2 or 3 cups are fine but caffeine can backfire and keep you trash your sleep patterns

* Chronic Stress – paralyze the frontal cortex of the brain (Executive Center) slowing down your ability to retain information and process it

* No Progress – creates discouragement and depletes energy

The team collaborated today during EQUIP Group Coaching and below is what the group came up for Energy solutions from three questions:


* Frequent Deep breathing

* Break down tasks into smaller pieces

* Time your tasks

* Calendar everything

* Prioritize – A, B, C – then focus on your “A’s”

* Exercise every morning

* Motivate yourself with reading or podcasts every morning

* Use a task manager

* Create systems

* Have a Coach or Mentor to hold you accountable

* Take 10 minute breaks every 90 minutes

* Have a “Don’t Do” list

* Create your to do list at the end of each day for the next day

* Outsource help


* Distance yourself at times

* Listen to encouraging or inspiring podcasts often

* Read positive messages or books

* Stop responding to the negative party and just smile 🙂

* Determine to stay calm

* Be an example of positivity

* Think, don’t react

* Keep a positive inner dialogue

* Keep your vision or “why” in front of you every day

* Laugh! Have a sense of humor

* Don’t personalize it

* Better focus

* Able to accomplish more

* Better time management practices

* Constructive productivity

* Attract more clients

* Have more appeal in general

* A sense of joy or happiness

* Feeling excited and ambitious

* Resilience

* Enjoyment comes easier

* Creates more confidence

* Even exercise comes easier

Without ENERGY, we cannot FOCUS and we flounder at time management! Keep your energy up and you may surprise yourself concerning what you can accomplish and who you may attract!

If you would like my list of 22 INSTANT ENERGY BOOSTERS, please write me and I will be happy to send it to you!


Kudos the the EQUIP Team! …… Consider joining us!

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