Calming the Storm Within: 6 Weeks to Restore Focus & Purpose

Only $497

A life mastery course with the author of Your Journey to Greatness Through Routine, Michelle L. Steffes. 

Michelle’s masterful approach to restoring focus and purpose teaches methods for creating change each day. These new habits will revolutionize your life and guide you to success. You’ll work through Your Journey to Greatness Through Routine, with additional coaching sessions, workbook reviews, and more.


  • Free Book: Your Journey to Greatness Through Routine
  • Workbook & Planner -- Available Only With This Offer
  • 3 Professional Coaching Sessions Over 6 Weeks
  • Encouragement, Guidance, and Accountability
  • Brain Training & Development Exercises
  • Proven Methods / Tools to Redirect Anxiety & Restore Productivity
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