Corporate Training and Group Coaching

Personal and Professional Training Techniques that Transform Leaders, Teams, and Cultures

Corporate Training

Collaborative Workshops & Interactive Team Training

IPV Consulting has customized and facilitated hundreds of leadership and team workshops.

With over 2 decades of experience, IPV specializes in designing training programs which align with your vision and goals. IPV works collaboratively with your executive team to facilitate effective workshops incorporating interactive, solution-based activities to create an energized, engaged and productive atmosphere.

Below are just a few examples of training principles and important components which IPV believes is foundational for effective learning and retention.


  • Excitement

  • Challenge

  • Competition

  • Variety

  • Rewards

  • Interactivity/Engagement

  • Collaboration of Solutions

  • Acceptable Social & Physical Contact

  • Visual, Auditory & Kinesthetic Learning Style Activities


  • Facilitated Problem Solving Activities

  • Interactive Team Strengthening

  • Task Groups

  • Team Brainstorming Sessions

  • Entertaining Ice Breakers

  • Group Case Studies

  • Engaging Group Competitions

  • Role Reversal Exercises

  • Leadership focused Training & Exercises

IPV Consulting will schedule a time to discuss your vision, goals and objectives for training. Once an agreement is made on services included, a proposal will be written. All proposals are itemized and detailed.

If you are not satisfied with the proposal, it is revised it until agreement is achieved.

Fees are determined based on number of employees and services requested

Options for Workshops, Training, Facilitation and Speaking Engagements

  • IPV Group Coaching™ (see below for details)
  • Virtual Training for Leaders or Team Members (Topics are customized and limitless)
  • Two Hour Customized Interactive Collaborative Training
  • Half Day Customized Interactive Workshop & Facilitation
  • Full Day Customized Interactive Workshop & Facilitation
  • Two Day Customized Retreat Workshops & Facilitation
  • Keynote or Corporate Address

Non-Profit Speaking Engagement (reduced fees)

IPV Group Coaching

Corporate Sessions Onsite or Virtual

IPV Group Coaching is a dynamic team builder for your organization! Facilitated, highly interactive and customized to your targeted corporate goals. Customize this progressive and impactful training program by choosing the frequency and length of training contract and specific topics of focus.

Each training session includes world class content, interactive problem solving and mastermind sessions.

Live Interactive Webinar Sessions available for teams who are unable to assemble in one place.

Each Session Includes:

  •  Education and Training
  • Interactive Problem Solving
  • Mastermind Discussion

6 Sessions in 6 Months or 12 Sessions in 12 Months:

Grounded in Emotional Intelligence


#1 – Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

#2 – Resilience & Effective Communication Under Pressure

#3 – Assertiveness vs Aggressiveness vs Passivity

#4 – Mastering Your Energy for Success

#5 – The Power of Focus & Time Management

#6 – Increasing Your Influence


#7 – Empowering Leadership

#8 – The Power of Body Language

#9 –  Authenticity WINS!

#10 – 14 Unique Productivity Hacks

#11 – VISION & Team Buy In

#12 – Developing a Legacy Mindset

Kendra Schumaker

Michelle led our agency in a staff training that was truly remarkable! She helped us recognize our strengths as individuals within the group, and how our contributions make our agency unique in the work we do. I knew I had a great team, now we all know why! Thank you Michelle!!

Kendra S. Schumaker


Executive Director of SarahCare Adult Day Center