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Table of Contents for “Your Journey to GREATNESS Through Routine”


A Guide to Creating a Success Routine


SECTION ONE: The Psychology and Science of Greatness

Chapter 1 – First Steps

Case Study #1 – Jen’s Story

Take One Step at a Time

Success is a Journey

Who or What is in Control?

Chapter 2 – The Brain Science Behind Habits

Case Study #2 – Tom’s Story

The Key to Transformation: Synaptic Pruning

The School of Success

My Morning POWER HOUR!

Chapter 3 – Retraining Your Brain Through Cognitive Restructuring

Case Study #3 – Kim’s Story

A Deeper Look at the Subconscious Mind

There is Power in “I AM”

Chapter 4 – The Garden of Your Mind

Case Study #4 – John’s Story

Chapter 5 – Heart Science, Energy and The Law of Attraction

Case Study #5 – Tammy’s Story

Cognitive Dissonance vs Cognitive Consonance

Chapter 6 – The Biggest Killer of Energy, Passion and Dreams

Case Study #6 – Deborah’s Story

The Four Step Journey to Forgiveness

Chapter 7 – Getting “UNSTUCK” in Your Mind and Heart

Case Study #7 – Sophia’s Story

SECTION TWO: Mastering Habits to Create a Routine for Greatness

Chapter 8 – Energy Vampires

Three Major Players in Establishing Greatness

Fifteen Energy Vampires

Energy Quiz

Chapter 9 – Insane Focus and Productivity Hacks

Five Step Performance Goal Setting (30 Day Goal Planner)

Chapter 10 – Powerful Principles of Influence and Greatness

Thirteen Characteristics of Influence and Greatness

Chapter 11 – Tips and Tools to Build Your Success Routine

Eleven Tips and Tools

Success Routine Module (Assignment #11)

Chapter 12 – Applying Your New Routine

Using Your New Success Routine to Achieve Greatness

Using Your New Success Routine to Achieve Your Vision

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