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The Machine Inside Me – What Kids Need To Know Now

What if our children knew early on that they could control their own emotions? What if they could be in charge of how they feel at every given moment? What if they could change or alter their train of thought by reframing on a consistent basis?

Do you think it could change their future, their destiny, and their ability to deal with challenges? Do you think it could take away from some of the trauma that kids are facing today?

That is the reason that I was compelled to write this book, “The Machine Inside Me”. It is a fabulous book filled with wonderful characters. There are 75 illustrations by Rob Rice, and a lot of information about neuroplasticity in an easy-to-understand yet educational way.

They will learn the basic principles of CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) reframing and literally rewiring their brains for change through stories and real facts about their internal “superpowers.

  • Readers will discover ways to:
  • Take control of the inner voices of self-doubt, self-hatred, and criticism
  • Reduce emotional pain in times of rejection, anger, fear, or offense
  • Navigate the chaos of growing up with greater power and confidence
  • Learn how to find the good in every day, in everyone, and in YOU!

Michelle’s book “The Machine Inside Me” is reviewed and endorsed by ITR Certified Trauma Support Coach, PTSD Trauma Support Coach, a 30 year educator and the author of “Does My Child Have PTSD”.

This book is very foundational from ages 8 through 14, but I’ve been told by the endorsers that it could even work for adults.

The Machine Inside Me Professional Endorsements


“Michelle Steffes’ book The Machine Inside Me is one of the most effective books I’ve read on the power of reframing thoughts and rewiring the mind. Remarkably, The Machine Inside Me can be effectively used with both adults and children because of its simple and practical presentation. I recommend it for counselors, therapists, educators, parents, grandparents, employers, ministry workers, health providers and anyone else who wants to learn how to guide our children to learning how to heal their brain by reframing negative thoughts and transforming their thinking.”

Shelly Beach, M.A. (Education)
ITR-CTSC (ITR-Certified Trauma Support Coach)
Teacher of the Year (Awarded by Walmart)
Multiple Award-Winning Author, Speaker, Consultant
Co-Founder of PTSDPerspectives.net and PTSDPerspectives on Facebook
For more info: Helpfortrauma.com




“I had the privilege of reading this GAME-CHANGING book for children. Wow! The Machine Inside of Me teaches children about the amazing and powerful things their brains can do and how. It teaches children to navigate their own emotional triggers and employ self-leadership skills. This is what makes a strong, confident adult. Based on settled brain science, I have SEEN firsthand this information change lives. Education/Information are the key and THIS book is a great place to start.”

Wanda Sanchez, PTSD/Trauma Support Coach
Co-Author of 2015 Selah Award Winning book
2015 Golden Scroll Non-Fiction Gold Merit Award
2015 Readers Favorite Gold Medal Winner





“The Machine Inside of Me gives children and adolescents enmeshed in negative self-talk an understanding of how such thoughts impact the wiring of their brains. The author, Michelle Steffes, uses kid-friendly imagery and vocabulary to make sense of the role hormones can play in either perpetuating or reducing negative thought cycles. Best of all, she leads readers through simple yet powerful exercises and activities to help them make new habits that lead to improved mental health. If you love children who are struggling with unresolved trauma, depression, or anxiety, get them this book.”

Jolene Philo, National Speaker
30 Year Educator
Author of “Does My Child Have PTSD? What To Do When Your Child Is Hurting from the Inside Out.”




I would encourage you to consider not only having me come and speak to your group, possibly your school, but visit Amazon.com and pick up a copy of my book “The Machine Inside Me”.

BONUS: At the back of every chapter in the book, there are simple but effective worksheets, where they are taken through the process of reframing hurts and frustrations. The entire book will walk them through how they can activate the superpowers within them by using an understanding of physiology, neurochemistry, and neuroplasticity that they’re going to learn in the book. It’s pretty fantastic!

Michelle L. Steffes of IPV Consulting is also working on corporate sponsorships to get these books into the hands of children who need them. We hope you’ll join her in this project as we work to help our children in these difficult times. Feel free to email Michelle for more information michelle@ipvconsulting.com.

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