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7 Keys to Master Resilience – Overcoming Offenses & Challenges

The definition of Resilience is “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.” (According to Dictionary.com). This fact in itself makes resilience near the top of the chart when it comes to success whether in life or career. It is never the problems or struggles we deal with which are holding us back from arising to our fullest potential but the ability to respond with resilience, fortitude and a winning attitude. Perhaps this seems hokey or maybe you are facing seemingly insurmountable odds.

However, we must come to the understanding that all of us are faced with multiple challenges and trials both in life and career. Sometimes we are all tempted to blame shift or resign in our hearts admitting defeat instead of standing up for what we know we can overcome. Yet, it is always up to us to seek out the support we may need and muster the strength to get back up.

Here are a 7 Keys to Master Resilience:

1)    Write Down Your Perceptions on the issues you are facing and then write in at least 5 objective solutions to each one. This “reframing” process can be life changing for you and remove a massive amount of stress no matter what is going on around you.

2)    Get Connected! – A braided cord cannot be broken. When we are connected those who will hold us accountable, encourage us or empower us to keep going, we will stand up much faster and strengthen each other in the process of every challenging journey. This may be a friend, relative, mentor or coach but get connected to the right people.

3)    Become a Student of Yourself – Be cognizant of what you are you thinking about, listening to and meditating on. How are you “wiring your brain” to react? You function 90% of the time out of your subconscious. What are you doing to daily to re-wire it and begin responding differently to challenges and trials.

4)    Stick to your Core Values & Vision – Don’t have these written out? Then take the time to do it. Everyone should have a personal and professional vision with core values. These act as a compass which will push us in the right direction. Every investment of time, money or resources should be weighed against your Core Values and Vision. Only then can you realize your destiny and feel a sense of purpose.

5)    Stay Detached – We all know it is far too easy to get emotionally caught up into a difficult situation that can suck us down like a vortex very quickly if we don’t choose to stay in control and remain “detached” as much as possible. This allows us to clearly think and clearly decide our responses instead of allowing things to escalate out of control

6)    Utilize Compassion – The physiology of the human body is truly amazing. When we understand how to manage not only our own physiology but how to release the right chemistry in others, we can create a whole new culture. Compassion creates a chemical release called “Neural Resonance” in the brain which tears down defensiveness and enhances a bond or sense of loyalty. Offering compassion in a situation where you may be challenged can alter the outcome dramatically.

7)    Assess and Decide – Each time you are faced with challenges or trials, stop and really assess what is going on. Determine if you can do something to change it or not. If you can, then think about and apply the keys listed above to work out the best approach for yourself and all affected parties. If you cannot, then make a sound decision to stay focused on your vision and aligned to your core values and refuse to allow something you cannot control to control you.

Resilience rarely comes about naturally. However, if practiced it can become the change you have been seeking in your life and career which can propel you into a future you have always dreamed about. Learning resilience takes practice and time but in the end, it will truly be something you will never regret mastering.

An Excerpt from the Keynote Address, “Communicating with Power & Resilience” 

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