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Empowering Leadership

In all industries, the workforce is the key to excellence.  Disengaged employees populate 70% of corporate America costing over $450 billion in lost revenues.

Empowerment can have a greater impact on your bottom line than any other strategy you implement. Michelle draws from 25 years of leadership experiences and compelling statistics.  She shares the impact of empowerment with energy and passion straight from her heart providing you with tangible ways to empower your people and your team. The call to action will be one of specific and highly effective strategies that will create excitement for change.

Take-Aways for Empowering Leadership

  • The Statistics of Disengagement and the Keys to Reversing it
  • How the “Best and Brightest” Employers do it
  • The Secret to Culture Transformation and Team Loyalty
  • Leadership Practices that Tear Down Silos and Turf Wars
  • Engagement Methods that Draw out Untapped Talents
  • Specific and Tangible Tools that will Motivate Excite and Induce Results

Michelle will approach the topic of team building with personal stories and examples from 25 years of leadership along with statistics that will motivate and inspire you. This message will contain duplicate-able steps you can take with you to transform your culture.  The result, if applied will be unity, higher productivity, less turnover and excellent team morale.

What others are saying:

“Michelle gave an excellent presentation to our Holland-GRAPE audience recently. Not only was her pace and timing superb, but her stories were inspiring and her advice highly valuable. I heartily recommend Michelle Steffes to anyone seeking a speaker who knows how to provide individual empowerment and team-building”   John M Potter – Executive Director, Grand Rapids Area Professionals for Excellence (GRAPE)

“Michelle has a proven track record of success in her professional career and excels at building integrated high performing teams. She can work with any group of people and manage the process to optimize their performance which is a gift that seems to come naturally to her. Michelle does formal speaking engagements where she connects to her audience on a personal and professional level. “  Wendy DeJong – Accounts Executive, Gilson Graphics

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