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The Power of Purpose in Life & Career

Do you understand the power of understanding your purpose? This talk reveals proven methods that motivate and empower you to re-focus on fulfilling your purpose, in life and career. You will learn how to establish daily routines which will release you from poor mindsets, false perceptions and habits that are holding you back from reaching your fullest potential.

Take Aways

  • Discover the 4 Principles that Keep the Focus on Your Purpose
  • Learn the Keys that dispel the Fear of Stepping Out into New Possibilities
  • Find out How to Alter Your Physiology to Develop a Winning Attitude & Become More Resilient in A Challenging Atmosphere
  • Learn How to Re-Train Your Brain to Consistently Reframe Perceptions
  • Create New Daily Patterns for Consistent Growth & Focus
  • Find out How to Take Back Control, Despite Circumstances, Fulfilling your Purpose and Influence Those Around You.

The delivery includes stories from personal experience as well as accomplishments others have achieved.  You will be inspired, motivated and compelled to take action. The result will alter perceptions and change your environment, creating a place where both staff & customers will feel valued.

What others are saying:

“Everyone in the audience was engaged through her style of speaking. You can feel the room energize as she speaks and offers words of encouragement.
Michelle is honest and trustworthy. There is no worrying about having to have a backup plan. As an event organizer, I was able to concentrate on getting other things done.”  Thomas LynemaProgrammer / Analyst at Western Michigan University

“Michelle has a proven track record of success in her professional career and excels at building integrated high performing teams. She can work with any group of people and manage the process to optimize their performance which is a gift that seems to come naturally to her.“  Wendy DeJongAccounts Executive, Gilson Graphics

“I have seen Michelle speak on several topics and have found her presentations to be entertaining, informative and very motivational. She is a humble servant/leader of high integrity that personifies and lives what she preaches.” Ronald RobbCEO at myTEAM TRIUMPH National

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