Live Intentionally and Leave a Legacy

Published on┬áNovember 14, 2016 Do your professional and personal habits or choices agree with the Legacy you want to become? Each of us has 1,440 minutes in a day. What if every moment was worth a valuable gold coin? What if the whole of your worth was summed up in how well you’ve invested each […]

Creating a Healthy State of Mind & Body

Recent statistics show that 67% of working America is affected by burnout, 70% are disengaged & 5-10% are absent per year producing exponential costs in losses of productivity. You will discover how to manage stress and create a routine that is geared toward whole body and mind wellness. You will walk away with practical methods […]

Communicate with Power and Resilience

$37 Billion are lost every year in America due to employee misunderstandings and miscommunication. With just 7% of communication being words and the remainder being body language, posture, vocal tones and expressions, it is easy to be misunderstood. In this address, you will learn ways to read others and yourself more effectively while maintaining a […]

The Science of Mastering Energy, Focus and Time

Energy, Focus & Time are truly the ultimate keys to success! If we can manage these three well, we can accomplish more in less time and increase our potential exponentially. This topic is chock full of practical ways you can create small changes in your day to day routine and in how you get things […]

Increasing Your Impact Through a Legacy Mindset

Every day, we are all building a legacy of some kind. Each challenge in life and in career presents to us a choice to build on a foundation of stress, pressure and discouragement OR a foundation strengthened by an opportunity to inspire with courage, hope, determination and compassion. Michelle draws from 25 years of building […]

Keystone Pharmacy – IPV Consutling

Dr. Dave Miller speaks on his experience over the past year. Services offered: Employee Engagement Surveys, Interactive Team Training, Consulting

A Passion to see People WIN!

A snapshot of the driving force behind Michelle L Steffes, President of IPV Consulting. INTEGRITY – PEOPLE – VISION. Special