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Vision – Your Multi-Faceted Life Tool

What comes to mind when you hear the word “vision”? Is it a word salad on an employer’s wall or perhaps in a handbook that you never really paid attention to? The truth is vision can be an incredible tool in your life, not only personal but professional, and I’d love to cover both sides of it. You see, vision

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4 Ways Leaders Can Inspire Team Engagement

Photo via Pexels Creating a culture where teams feel valued, trusted, inspired, and empowered will almost guarantee employee engagement. When teams feel disempowered, untrusted, and unnoticed for what they contribute or are simply punching a clock, they will withdraw, disengage, and eventually leave the organization. As leaders, we can blame systems, processes, environment, and many other challenges but in many

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Elevate Your Operations With a Business Coach: How to Find the Right Fit

Photo via Pexels Entrepreneurs in every stage of business growth can benefit from new perspectives. For many business owners, that perspective comes in the form of a business coach. If it’s nearing time to enlist help, IPV Consulting suggests five ways to find the right fit. Is It Time to Hire a Business Coach? Launching a business can be invigorating

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Available Now: Michelle Steffes Children’s Book, The Machine Inside Me

IPV Brings Breakthroughs to Children of All Ages: “The Machine Inside Me” Available Now What if you had buttons and switches that would allow you to turn off or tone down emotions such as anger or hurt and turn up love and compassion? That’s the central question author, speaker, and business coach Michelle Steffes asks children to consider in her

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IPV Brings Breakthroughs to Audiobooks: Reframe and Rewire Coming Soon to Audible

IPV Brings Breakthroughs to Audiobooks: Reframe and Rewire Now Available on Audible Author, keynote speaker, trainer and coach Michelle L. Steffes has teamed up with audiobook giant, Audible, to bring breakthrough coaching to a hot new medium. Her #1 Amazon New Release, Reframe and Rewire: Greatness Through Daily Routine, has helped individuals, teams, and businesses position themselves for peak performance

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Mastering Resilience in times of change

Transform Your Day-To-Day by Creating New, Successful Routines With the arrival of the new year, millions of people set goals for habits they want to start or change. However, many don’t make it to February. The reasons for this vary, but with a little guidance, Michelle believes anyone can change their lives for the better by mastering resilience. This podcast

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